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Most Effective and Updated SEO Techniques For 2010

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by top engineer, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. top engineer

    top engineer New Member Webmaster

    Sometimes it seems that the actual time we have to perform SEO tasks is the shortest in between all the Web buzz. This will be most probably truer than ever in 2010. On such days it’s best to remind yourself that there are many most effective SEO techniques for 2010you can sometimes make use of in minutes or a few hours.
    So I’m not talking about long term strategies here. I’m not even mentioning great ways of getting links like widget bait that take time and planning and a team to make them happen.

    Here I want to list SEO tactics you can use while living the fast life of the SEO industry.

    Do you doubt that blogging is probably the number SEO technique these days? Yes, it’s both tactic and strategy.
    Social Media
    Social media is the main stream now. Do you know many sites that are not social in some way? At least by added buttons to social sites? By now social is the norm so everything SEO is social as well as SEO deals with a social Web not a static one.
    Content Creation
    Content creation always has been a big part of clean SEO. No content – nothing to get indexed. In 2010 when everybody, even the last of the big players align their content creation strategy with Google. So how do you want to compete with them?
    Real Time Search
    Google has introduced real time search results from several sources but mainly Twitter to enhance regular search results. You may notice a scrollable section on the Google results page. That’s it. Also Google News results appear there among others. So it’s a old and new search features combined.
    Personalized Search
    In late 2009 personalized search results have been introduced to every Google searcher unless s/he opts out. That means search result get personal by default and most people won’t even know. URLs they click more often than others will be ranked on top. Some people argue that the difference won’t be as big but you surely don’t want to find out the hard way. Instead, try to optimize for personalized search from now on.
    Page Speed
    While real time search and personalized search get most of the buzz the introduction of page speed as ranking factor is big news that deserves more attention. In a way now the fast life of the SEO industry has become literally faster.

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  2. mickeyy

    mickeyy New Member Webmaster

    I consider a lot of good SEO technique for me and I can't really say that there is the best or most effective as I find all beneficial... not same in quantity at times though... if I would have to pick however, I will say that I would agree with .. content is the best way to get traffic and it is the best way to get them to convert into ROI.
  3. thomasstanhope

    thomasstanhope New Member Webmaster

    SEO involves the use of a few fairly simple techniques to get your website noticed by the search engines. It may sound slightly daunting at first, but it’s really not that hard after you get your head around a few basic concepts. There are different levels of SEO, and there are even companies specialising in nothing else. But if you’re just starting your internet business then getting a grasp of the basics will help you to get your website off the ground.

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