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multi mouse-overs (links) on one image... can this be achieved?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by inquisitive, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. inquisitive

    inquisitive New Member Webmaster

    Can this be achieved?...
    I have ONE image... containing 9 pics of equal size 'bricks'... setout 3x3

    I would like to place it (the ONE image) in a wordpress sidebar (as an advert) WITH THIS:
    mouse over each area of the image (each brick) and get a link opportunity to click and go the the 'bricks' website.

    Is there an html type of code that would
    1. place the one image
    2. place the distributed link areas

    NB. each brick is 100 across and 50 up
    NB. the 3 x 3 distribution is how layout is desired
    NB. would like 'block' of html code that will do trick.... then i can insert 'appropriate' details
    NB. this is some code i use for a 'usual' image... ie one mouse-over link!:

    <a href="(mywebaddresshere)" target="blank"><img style="border:1px solid" src="(mywebaddres/imagelink/here)" border="0" alt="myimage" /></a>
    appreciate any thoughts/knowledge on this idea

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