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Multiplayer FlashPoker Texas Hold'em and 5 cards Script for sale

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by pokerscript, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. pokerscript

    pokerscript New Member Webmaster


    I want to sell Multiplayer FlashPoker Texas Hold'em and 5 cards Script

    -Players can play for fun (credits) but there is no problem with change to real money
    -Game play and looks similar to online poker websites.
    -Fully integrated lobby with secure login and register form.
    -Customizable Rooms eg: room name, number of players per room, blinds amount per room, max buy in per room.
    -Unlimited number of rooms.
    -In room player and dealer chats.
    -Easily integrated within your website Your own logo and website name displayed on the poker table and in the lobby you will get fla files.
    -Easily integrated with existing mySql databases.
    -And much more

    Reasons for buying the package:
    -Visitors will keep coming back to your website.
    -Everyone plays the game. Very easy to attract new players.
    -Visitors will spend time on your website.

    Screenshots - ImageShack -

    Reply or PM me with any questions, to see demo, or to purchase.
  2. artahchachta

    artahchachta New Member Webmaster

    Hi ;

    Can i see a demo ? what is the price ?
  3. pokerboo

    pokerboo New Member Webmaster

    The original flashpoker is on flashpoker.it

    The user "pokerscript" does not have any license for that script
    and he and everybody buy his script will be engage legally.

    So if you are interested to the script let go on flashpoker.it
  4. d3signz

    d3signz New Member Webmaster

    flashpoker script

    Hello all,

    I sold my flashpoker script.
    The script shown in the photos is in French with my own design but the script sold by Default is English. You can then change the language if you wish.
    For more information.

    ImageShack Album - 4 images

    Send me a pm

    I have a demos but pm or e-mail

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