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My experience: Ubuntu Linux

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Robster, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Robster

    Robster Guest

    I just wanted to share my recent experience of Linux.

    I downloaded the CD image for Ubuntu, which is a live CD so you can boot the whole OS from the CD to try it out without affecting your computer.

    Once you are running the live CD there's a shortcut on the desktop to install it. After a few goes with the live CD I decided to install it dual boot with Windows. The install detected how much free space I had on my NTFS drive and did the partitioning and dual boot automatically without a hitch.

    Once I had it installed it was on to checking out the software available. Among many other things Ubuntu comes with Firefox, Thunderbird and Open Office installed by default, all 3 of which I had been using under Windows anyway.

    There are linux equivalents or ports for nearly all the software I use in Windows.

    The only thing I use where there was a problem was dreamweaver. There isn't really an equivalent, but I discovered Crossover Linux which allows you to run windows apps and has a short lists of apps it guarantees to run, including Dreamweaver MX.

    The main thing I liked about installing software on Ubuntu is that there's a central software management function where you can pick from hundreds of apps, and have it install them no hassle. The advantage of this is that as well as updating the OS for you as needed, Ubuntu also lets you know when there are updates to any of your software.

    In summary I think Ubuntu is really taking linux close to an "any idiot can use it" status, which is what linux really needs if its going to get anywhere.
  2. sv1hosting

    sv1hosting New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for the info. I myself am getting ready to build a PC with a linux OS, Ubuntu looks and sounds like the way to go.
  3. gastongr

    gastongr New Member Webmaster

    I also installed Ubuntu once, very good looking and easy to use.
    I don't like that they have copied a lot of things from windows, navigation and start menu are very similar they even have the Minesweeper game.
    I love the bongo sound :D

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