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My Feedback so far..

Discussion in 'Archive' started by wakish, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. wakish

    wakish New Member Webmaster

    Hey everyone..
    As you all know, I have been here only for the 1month (since Nov 2007). But I'm not new to communities..
    I would like to give my feedback and how I see this forum..

    1) This forum has a lot of potential, but which is not being tapped as it should. I think if some careful plans are drawn, this forum can be profitable for everyone. For members - a good alternative to "digitalpoint forum", for admins - "a good income revenue"

    2) The look of this forum is good. But some improvements might be:

    a) Re-organise the structure of the forum. I see it TOO crowdy, TOO much corners..etc It is really a headache for new members to keep up with ALL those scattered areas.. It is time consuming. (You could take the example of forums.digitalpoint.com, they are a BIG community, but yet the organisation is good.)
    Try to re-organize it into more specific areas. Don't split 1 area into dozens of sub-ones. This way, a forum gets out of hand unless you have a large staff to consistently maintain it.

    b) Change the theme of the forum. This default color is too common. Since, I think the aim of this forum is to be in a high level, why not also invest in having a unique design for it?

    3) Also, I see that even after 38 posts, I cannot have a signature. Man what is this? A member of any forum should have signatures, this is a way of expressing ourselves. (Yeah do impose some restirctions)
    Also, My blog is not featuring in the "Recent Blog:"

    You see, your restrictions are far too high.. While you should have certain rules and restrictions, don't make it that high because this will discourage members in the long run

    Well, these were a bit what I felt during my 1 month stay here.. Please don't take my comments negatively, I'm enjoying my stay here though in my first weeks I were only posting some "business minded topics"...heheh But when a community is that big, time is limited..haha. Nevertheless, as time passes I do feel at home and I then express myself more like what I wanted since I'm not really a business minded guy. I strongly believe in team-spirit and socializing in communities. I sincerely hope I can also provide some of my experiences as and when needed.

    My Best Wishes,
    - Wakish -
  2. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW New Member Webmaster

    The signature should be live after 10 posts you just need to enable it. Looks like you figured it out - it is showing now.

    Please read guidelines for the signature though...

    In the Recent blog you need to enter url of your blog RSS feed, not the general url and it should work without any restrictions.

    Custom forum skin is being developed to match main UKWW theme, and thanks for your other suggestions - we are actually working on it...
  3. wakish

    wakish New Member Webmaster

    It was my pleasure ;)
  4. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis New Member Webmaster

    I think there is no problem with the theme of UK I like the way it is,
    once the theme is changed I considered it as a different forum.
    Just like in other forum I really like that one too, but they changed
    it and I think it affect the visitor's vision of the thread (attraction)
    All I can say was I like UK and the original looks still the best :):first::friends:

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