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Discussion in 'SEO' started by detoam, May 16, 2007.

  1. detoam

    detoam New Member Webmaster

    First of all I am really sorry for being so daft and posting TWICE in the wrong places. No excuse. I am just really daft today.

    I have a PR4 site with over 900 back links and counting. at the end of this month I will finally be able to get some more advertising for it. On average I get about 6000 hits a day with 180-190 unique visitors. Most are regular visitors who come to play on my internal game site which PR3 and some go to my blog PR3 as well. the links are on my home page on the right side in the recommended section. Also the page is XHTML 1.0 verified. links on that page are $10.00/3 months. There is also banner space at the bottom (I can remove the V7N banner as it isn't paid for) that space is $10.00/month
    My blogs (2) are both PR3 and the price is $10.00/ 3 months to have a link on both of them. One of my blogs is temporarly out of service as I had some weird trouble with wordpress and are trying to do a fresh install of it right at this moment (should be done by tomorrow morning).

    I also have advertising space in my directories in the sponsor's field for $30/yearly and 4 more spaces that are "screenshot futured links" they are $5.00/month and allow a short description. As well as the site will be entered into the directory itself for free.
    Thank You ahead for Your interest. If You have any question feel free to ask .

    temi just told me how to put links here. Thank You temi.
    so here they go: detoam.net--main site PR4
    detoam.110mb.com---PR3 please give me till morning to bring it back to life.
    detoam.info--PR2 directory
    dir.detoam-host.net this is my hosting company's directory
    jrsdirectory.com-- for some reason this is the most popular of my directories the latest back link count was almost 700 and it looks like it's growing everyday. Yesterday it was less than 400.

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