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My site has PR 6 But no TRAFFIC! Pls Advice

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by ben1, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. ben1

    ben1 New Member Webmaster

    Hi People,

    I’m kind of confused. I have an ecommerce website, say .Example.co.uk (targeting for UK visitors) and it has PR 6 at the moment.
    I really wondered why I am not getting any good search ranking for my site. My site has a good number of quality back links and my competitor site has lesser back links, but still they are getting good search ranking and why not me, they also have a PR 6.
    I've been thinking is it related to something difference with SEO for international website? Is there anything that I can do to target UK customers?
    OR my product page has more no. of back links than my home page. Is this an issue.
    Will it make any difference?
    I mean though I have PR 6 and good quality backlines I don't know really
    Why my site is not having a rank in google.co.uk search? But my competitor’s site being PR 6 and lesser back links than my site, they rank on 1st page of Google search.

    Any SEO Experts can give a valuable info???
    I Hope someone can help me. Thank you!

  2. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport New Member Webmaster

    The problems are maybe with the onpage optimisation you have done. Has Google been able to index all your content? Have you avoided duplicate pages titles and descriptions etc.

    Do your targeted keywords and phrases appear in page titles or headings or bold text?

    I would consider these types of things first. Without seeing the site itself it's pretty hard to advise.
  3. articlemaster

    articlemaster New Member Webmaster

    Ben PR is something different and SERP is something different. He is ranking much better in SERP because he might have optimized his pages more than you did. He got much lesser backlinks than you but still he is having good PR and good SERP and thats just because he got backlinks from relevant pages. Have you checked where your competitor is getting backlink from??
  4. jambee

    jambee New Member Webmaster

    You must be getting tons of back links on irrelevant sites compared to those back links on relevant sites that you are getting.. To get the right visitor on your site, you have to get quality of back links and quality deals with relevancy..
  5. timon79

    timon79 New Member Webmaster

    Wow i find that amazing that you have such a high pr but little traffic and i must say i have never heard this problem before.
    It most likely has to be on site seo like what surreypcsupport says above. However i thought i would add that it sounds like you have little content on your page or something that makes the ranking low as well..
    (Need unique content to rank anything) This may not be the reason, but if so, i hope it helps.

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