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My work

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by FiveseveN, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    Software : Adobe Photoshop 7 and 8
    Hardware : graphic pencil and/or ball pen and paper (for the digital paintings) :)

  2. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

  3. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

  4. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

  5. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    this is great work FiveseveN. I can only hope to master the secrets of Photoshop the way you do, and for that I think i will need some time :)
  6. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    Oh, look at me, I'm blushing :oops: (not really). Well, Radu, I have over 2 years experience with PS and I can say you're on the right path. Just remember : tutorials rule ! But not the cheap wannabe kind, the kind you can find on www.gfxartist.com . Once you've mastered a particular technique, you can start creating artwork. If that is your desire, of course. If you want to use graphic editing tools mainly for website layout design, I must advise you to use Image Ready.

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