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MyBlogLog - is it worth the trouble?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by SkinnerW, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW New Member Webmaster

    I am sure everyone saw this little widget on many blogs with pictures or avatars of recent visitors. The way it works - you must have your own MyBlogLog account and be logged in than when you visit someone else's blog who has this widget installed - your picture will show up on the widget.

    If you like the blog - you may join readers community of this blog.

    So... The main purpose of displaying MyBlogLog widget is to invite more people to join and build your own readers community.

    The problem is that sometimes this widget is loading really slow and slowing down whole page.

    If you guys using MyBlogLog please share your experience with it: did you have any increase in traffic, any rankings improvements or any other benefits.
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I think MyBlogLog looks really cool, but does it really bring you readership? I have not used it on my blogs so I don't know. I saw it at UK WW Blogs and other blogs and it looks really nice but that is all.
  3. eronkid

    eronkid New Member Webmaster

    Its nice to see when there are lots of people visiting your blog and which includes their faces. But sometimes, yes, it makes my blog slow. What I really like on using mybloglog is that, I can saw the outbound links of my blog, if anyone knows a website that can show the inbound and outbound links please tell me so. Thank you!
  4. tb987

    tb987 New Member Webmaster

    It is really cool in my opinion and not much hassle at all well worth it :))
  5. KingPin

    KingPin Member Webmaster

    I use it, I think it's pretty cool and it's good that you can see users adding your to their bloglog etc etc.

    Also is another channel of advertising with minimum effort.

    And it's free.

  6. Arleigh

    Arleigh New Member Webmaster

    Adding Mybloglog widget to your blog is nice and fun. I have added it because I would like to see other people viewing my blog and who have joined my community.

    I don't find any problem with its loading because I minimize its size.

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