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Need guidance on starting adwords compaign

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by muqtada123, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. muqtada123

    muqtada123 New Member Webmaster

    Hi All respected members, its been few weeks that i choose SEO to be a part of my professional career, i m still at learning stage but now i need some more advance knowledge about SEO, i read regularly some articles regarding it but now i need to know that how to run adwords campaign for a website, is it some kind of a long and difficult procedure. Any nice tutorial sharing will be helpful. Thanks
  2. swoopodeveloper

    swoopodeveloper New Member Webmaster

    Please join as adward campaign as Beginner ..they will provide you all the detail
  3. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Once you login to you adword account, there are various tutorials and videos to guide you through
  4. ronan.seo

    ronan.seo New Member Webmaster

    No its not and long and difficult procedure but its very easy to understand. first you have to create an adwords account then you make an account for your website. After that once your website account will create then next step is to create a campaign and then adgroups.
  5. roseroyce

    roseroyce New Member Webmaster

    Ronan can you please share more? Thanks:search:
  6. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport New Member Webmaster

    The success or failure of any Adwords campaign is dependent on CTR. If you don't get good CTR you will drop down the positions and pay more per click. Write your ads in such a way that they are irresistible to the viewer and you'll get the necasary CTR. You need to offer something that is genuinely good value or unique.

    If you don't remember this golden rule you will just end up wasting money.
  7. technologynow

    technologynow New Member Webmaster

    Easy to waste money

    It's extremely easy to waste money in this game.

    If you are actually selling something, you need to check what you spend against what money your ads generate.

    I'd suggest doing this for a month with Google, then spend a similar amount on a printed ad, box or classified depending on the amount.

    Then compare Google and printed profit to decide which is best.

    Sometimes, depending on your industry, the results are surprising.
  8. Frantic Fish

    Frantic Fish New Member Webmaster

    And in order to write a novel all you need is a pen and some paper.

    As the last two posts state, it is VERY easy to waste your money on AdWords and Google make it easy for you to do that.

    The Google official tutorials are a good place to start for sure, but once you're familiar with those then you should hunt out a few AdWords specialist sites to read some advice about maximising your exposure and minimising your expense.
  9. Neil_UK

    Neil_UK New Member Webmaster

    I am relatively new to the AdWords and PPC world, but one book which helped me understand it and how to optimise adverts, campaigns, etc. was the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, so I would recommend picking up a copy of that to help you.

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