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Need traffic!

Discussion in 'SEO' started by Kampy, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Kampy

    Kampy New Member Webmaster

    Hi All!
    I need constant offer on sale of the real traffic. Real visitors and the maximal percent of uniqueness of traffic are necessary to me. I am ready to buy up to 100k traffic in day, depending on its quality.
    The countries which to me are interest: All europe, such as Italy,Spain,Germany- i said all europe. Also, Australia etc.. with offers please knock to my icq 423-367-457 or PM.
    Also, i ready to buy link of office on sale of the good quality traffic. With offers of adult traffic, please do not disturb me.
    It is necessary for me on long and constant working with you!
  2. KingPin

    KingPin Member Webmaster

    Wow, I know it's late here in the UK but I had to read this thread 4 times for it to begin to make sense....still doesn't!!

    Especially the "With offers of adult traffic, please do not disturb me." that reminds me of a seedy hotel.

  3. vicdigi

    vicdigi New Member Webmaster

    I think Kampy is looking for traffic!

    Not sure that what you are exactly asking for Kampy you will get. If it was that easy then we all would not be here and we all would have bought our fair share of the quota leaving you with NOthing!

    By the way, welcome to UK WW...
  4. itconstruct

    itconstruct New Member Webmaster

    Yes I agree vicdigi. Kampy is wanting traffic. If only it was that easy..

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