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New affiliate toolbar program

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by matcash.com, May 9, 2005.

  1. matcash.com

    matcash.com Guest

    If you run a website that has the potential to appeal to visitors who are
    interested in games or various free content, or having the urge to make your website more appealing.
    Then this is something you should follow up.
    We run an affiliate platform dedicated to a toolbar, that our clients find useful and drawing money.
    For more info check it out at
    Best regards
  2. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    And for more of Jonathan's blatant self promotion, tune in next week to: http://www.akamarketing.com/webmaster-forums/member.php?find=lastposter&f=5


    http://www.alverde.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9067 Israel?

    REMOVED: http://www.gidforums.com/t-5747.html Yet CACHED:

    And this is my favorite rebuttle to your <cough>, "program", by Linda Buquet herself:

    "Hi J,

    Sorry but I have a couple tough questions and warnings to others if you dont give us some good answers.

    1) I personally deleted this same post on the WebproWorld affiliate forum that I mod because I dont allow gambling, activeX install or toolbar program ads for a variety of reasons in my forum over there.

    2) "We will pay you for installs coming from 14 countries"
    So what's in the installs? Any adware or spyware?

    3) "We work with CPA, because of our toolbar that is mandatory to download in order to enjoy our free content. This toolbar is a search bar, which our users find very attractive and useful."
    Same question - Any adware or spyware?

    4) "I have attached a small and plain explanation about the toolbar with this e-mail to explain it a little better."

    This is not an email - its a forum. Sounds like something you must have copied from an email you probably sent to LOTS of people.

    5) "Internet gaming is the fastest growing segment of web-based commerce today!" So 1st you say you are promoting free content, then it switches to gambling, then back to free content through the toolbar.

    So what exactly is it you are selling and trying to get people signed up for???
    If it's an upfront and legit offer, why not have a link to the actual site and affiliate info page.

    I will apologize profusely if I am wrong, but this just sounds to me like the kind of ad and program
    that gives our great industry a really bad name."

  3. Duke

    Duke Guest

    I think we'd also appreciate some information on the above questions here as well matcash.com. Please take some time to answer to some of the above or I'll have no choice but to remove all content related to this subject.

    There's nothing worse than dl'ing spyware and having your computer infected and broadcasting, it's even worse if a member or visitor to this site decides it sounds good and blames us for his computer issues.

    I'll give you until May 14th to respond, otherwise the posts get removed.


  4. matcash.com

    matcash.com Guest

    It has nothing to do with gambling but I gaming which as far as I know is to differnet things.
    Second of all it is not ActiveX, well sort of, the pop-up that follows would you decide to, is like any other pop-up that would follow any other install you would make from the internet.

    Installs we would pay for is the toolbar getting installed.
    we have the same idea as google toolbar, only there they don't have to pay for there toolbar to reach people, since the are famouse and people trust them.
    So you see there is not alot of difference reagarding that.

    It is a marketing tool... To be able to see all of the material you have to download the toolbar. This is to attract the end-user. I don't think that that is a problem do you?

    Yes yes I know by accident I kind of posted the wrong post. I am sorry and I agree it was clumsy. We use that e-mail to potential clients, not mass-mail.

    I never mentioned gambling what so ever in my "post" since we don't have anything to do with that so that would be kind of impossible.
    The free content is the games etc.
    The only thing you have to do to enjoy it is download the toolbar.

    And if I am busted I don't really know... since I can't find anything correct in what you are balming me of.
    Best regards
  5. Duke

    Duke Guest

    Thanks for responding, now lets just be sure to keep this as the ONLY thread for your toolbar, as you can see all other threads on this topic will be locked or deleted.

  6. matcash.com

    matcash.com Guest

  7. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    This is the same exact, copied and pasted response you gave at the other forum.

    What gives?
  8. matcash.com

    matcash.com Guest

    You are killing... well you copied your post with the exact same questions from the other forum as well....
    And except that if that is the questions no matter if it was posted here or there I still have the same answers to those questions...????
    So i really didn't understand you comment here.
    Actually if you look word for word it is not copied and pasted but your post is.... if you wanna get down to it...:)
    My very best regards to all of you

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