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New Idea and New Directory just launched. Submit your sites to SponSpot.com

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by SponSpot, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. SponSpot

    SponSpot New Member Webmaster

    Hello, we would like to introduce a totally new way for you to list your sites into a search engine friendly link directory. For the past five years we have worked hard to advertise and increase our site's exposure on the web as well as increase our search engine visibility. As you may know one of the best ways of doing this is to receive backlinks from quality sites. The problem was that if you were the last person to find out about a quality site, there would be hundreds or thousands of listings already and your late site listing would be buried below others.

    You don't have to worry about that anymore! Now you have complete control of where you would like your site to be listed. Our new system uses "Spons" which you can purchase for each site listing. The more Spons that your site has, the higher it will appear in each category relating to your site. The "Top 10 Spons" will appear on the homepage, and the #1 Spon will have a sitewide link. You can see how this works here:

    SponSpot - Sponsor a Spot! Site promotion and advertising

    This site has just been launched an hour ago!

    Your site's details page would contain informative information about your site as well as options to "Digg It" or to add your site to Del.icio.us. You even receive the code the place a button on your site that automatically updates to display your site's current rank. The best part of all that is that once you have added your listing, you may go back at any time and add more Spons to increase your site's position. So far everyone loves the idea and have submitted their sites right away.

    You even have the option to receive instant emails when your rank has dropped so that you can always stay on top. This is a paid directory only since we are going to spend thousands of dollars promoting SponSpot. This directory is dedicated to webmasters who are serious about advertising their site and gaining better SEO. The minimum submission cost is only $10 dollars (20 Spons = $10). Basically spons are worth double the amount that you pay. So if you want to rank higher than others and buy 100 spons, it would only cost a one time fee of $50 dollars for a lifetime listing.

    You get the choose how much you want to invest in your site, so spon your way to the top! You may visit SponSpot - Sponsor a Spot! Site promotion and advertising and click on the "Add Spons, Submit Link, or Add site" links to submit your sites. Please let us know if you have any questions and good luck! :)
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Excellent concept David, I submited Haabaa.com, I'm particularly impressed by how quickly my listing appeared, well done and more grease to your elbow :)
  3. SponSpot

    SponSpot New Member Webmaster

    Thanks a lot temi :D It is satisfying when you have an idea for a new site and work nonstop to release it to see people appreciate it. Thanks again!

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