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new installation...new problems

Discussion in 'Boss Cart Installation Help' started by burgie, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. burgie

    burgie New Member Webmaster

    right then

    still trying to get this thing to work, but now I NEED to have it operational within the next two weeks.

    I have installed the software and got a basic shop up.

    I can navigate round the admin panel, add products but the pictures are the wrong ones - the "stock" ones are the ones that display.

    I can add myself as a user, but when I log in, the products dissappear, and the address bar shows.//bosscphp5.phpmysql.co.uk. Is this correct? I doubt it is.

    The shop is located at the-pred.co.uk/bosscart/shop@the-pred.co.uk.

    There may be other issues that I have not found out yet, but if someone can offer advice on those above, I would be grateful
  2. Piotrek

    Piotrek Guest


    Sorry to hear you have problems. I think the fastest way to help you is if you send me the logins to shop admin and FTP via PM so that I can have a look and troubleshoot. It would also help me diagnoce the errors as I have not encountered them while testing among different servers...

    Kind Regards,

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