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(Newbie) My joomla website Problems

Discussion in 'Content Management Systems' started by Latintrans, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Latintrans

    Latintrans New Member Webmaster

    Hi everyone: i have just registered, i am trying to improve the SEO aspects of my website, i know some hints about the value of new content, i am try to add new content once in a while but i am facing some specific problems i think are related to the caracteristcs of my instalation. (but not sure)

    I have tried the official joomla forums to solve the problems i have, but unfortunately without succes, i have also been looking here and there on this forums..

    1. I have a joomla1.5.7 install on a subdomain (i think this could be the reason of the problems i have)

    2. i use joomla sef patch for joomla 1.5.7

    3. and i use the SEOsimple plugin to add the content title to every page

    A. well the problem is as follow when i look on google for (site:mysite.com) all pages have the website name in place of the content name

    B. my site is extremly slow in relation to the main website where mine is hosted, ( i mean is the same server), no idea why the second one is so slow

    C. i do not use the global joomla configuration for SEO everything is disable just

    Title metatag and author metatag are set to yes in global config

    D. it seems as well to be a bug or some kind of problem i can not figure out.

    When i create a section/category and then an content item inside there (some times, not always) the article shows the name of other section/category or content/, even so that i have in global configuration everything like this to be hidden. it is prety weird... if i delet that conten item, and i create a new one inside the same section/category then the page is just simple not found (and is published of course)

    I hope someone can give me a hint if this problem could be related to the fact the site is on a subdomain or what other reasons could be...

    I have tried already many things to try to solve the problem, i thought first could be a problem with the installation then a have overwritten all core jooma files, and i have reinstalled the sef patch but the problem persists

    I have unistalled the SEosimple plugin to see if the page titles show up just using the patch but nothing happens.

    And last but not least i would really appreciated some comments on the design and the structure of my website.

    the link to my site is on my profile

    I can not yet post links:nono:

    my website is just optimezed to be seen with firefox, probably will not work with with IE

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  2. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    The fact that you have installed the software onto a subdomain should not have any impact on the correct running. I suppose you should remove the seosimple plugin and go with the default built in joomla features, at least for a while. You wrote that you have disabled the plugin and did not see any difference. Are you sure that you have dropped the cache?

    Okay, few lines about the slow loading. And the reason is simple. There are 132 requests and 2MB data to download when requesting the main page. I don't know what kind of plugins you have installed, but the inserted tons of unnecessary http requests. There are at least 5 different css file and tons of external and inline javascripts. These should be merged into one file and I strongly recommend you to revise what is really necessary for you from this script carneval.
  3. Latintrans

    Latintrans New Member Webmaster

    Hi: thanks for your replays.

    I did an speed test and this is part of the result

    There are a lot of missing heigh and width attributes
    and most of things should be compressed

    What kind of free tool can i use to compress the images? (a lot of images at once)
    you are right there are 30 scripts

    it seems that the images and other things are causing the slow speed

    but i like the site the way it is right now i would prefer to optimize that to take off things


    Global Statistics

    Total HTTP Requests:129 Total Size:1403287 bytes

    Object Size Totals

    Object typeSize (bytes)Download @ 56K (seconds)Download @ T1 (seconds) HTML:58891 11.94 0.51 HTML Images:922249 194.80 15.89 CSS Images:76517 20.65 5.81 Total Images:998766 215.45 21.7 javascript:317567 69.29 7.68 CSS:28063 8.79 3.35 Multimedia:0 0.00 0.00 Other:0 0.00 0.00

    External Objects

    External ObjectQTY Total HTML:1 Total HTML Images:55 Total CSS Images:27 Total Images:82 Total Scripts:30 Total CSS imports:16 Total Frames:0 Total Iframes:0 Download Times*

    Connection RateDownload Time 14.4K 1113.42 seconds 28.8K 569.61 seconds 33.6K 491.92 seconds 56K 305.47 seconds ISDN 128K 111.45 seconds T1 1.44Mbps 33.23 seconds
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 26, 2008
  4. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    If you listen to me you won't bother with images. The problem is the tons of the http requests including at least 10 external javascript and the other css files. I don't know what plugin or component requests them, but you should disable that since not it is not suiteable for human visitors I am afraid.
  5. Latintrans

    Latintrans New Member Webmaster

    But is there a way to know which extension is producing the http requests?

    Or what are the javascrips and to which extensions belongs the css files?

    or is a good idea to make a list of all extensions i have published in frontpage?

    Thanks for all your suggestions
  6. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    Hello, I see requests connecting to this modules/plugins/components
    • /plugins/system/cd_scriptegrator --> with a lot of external file
    • plugins/system/yvsmiley/
    • plugins/content/cd_accesstext
    • modules/mod_breakingnews/
    • /modules/mod_globalnews/
    • /modules/mod_shoutbox/
    • /plugins/system/mfblank/
    • /plugins/content/highslide/
    • /plugins/content/avreloaded/
    • /plugins/content/1pixelout/
    • /plugins/content/plugin_jch_ts/
    • modules/mod_pagepeel_banner/
    • /modules/mod_sbd_rollmenu/
    and there are some more.
  7. Latintrans

    Latintrans New Member Webmaster

    I have made a brief explanation of all the extensions you mention to see what can be done

    * /plugins/system/cd_scriptegrator --> with a lot of external file =( if i disable this one some of the other extensions i have installed will stop working as well cause it is needed for the good funktioning of other extensions.

    * plugins/system/yvsmiley/= i need this one for the smyles in the shout box and maybe for the comment i plant to install.

    * plugins/content/cd_accesstext= i need this one to avoid content access when articles are not yet ready

    * modules/mod_breakingnews/= i use this one for recent added content

    * /modules/mod_globalnews/= this is the main news module of the frontpage all my content is categorized from there to the different categories

    * /modules/mod_shoutbox/= i could sacrifice this one but i really want to have a shout box..then maybe other extension

    * /plugins/system/mfblank/= this one i could sacrifice, but i need another one to add the target=_"blank" attribute to all links

    * /plugins/content/highslide/= i can not stop using this one i do photografic work and i need it for all the galleries i plan to publish

    * /plugins/content/avreloaded/ =this is the all videos plugin. I can not publish videos without it..

    * /plugins/content/1pixelout/= this is the mp3 plugin, i gues i can use the reloaded (video) plugin for this puepose as well, but i will miss it...

    * /plugins/content/plugin_jch_ts/= this is the tabs and slides plugin ( it is very important to present content...

    * modules/mod_pagepeel_banner/= this a nice one i plan to use for campaings and links to external pages (but i guess i can stop using it...

    * /modules/mod_sbd_rollmenu/= this is my MAIN sliding menu!! i can not renounce to it, i have to many menus and subcategories in there. (or in any case i need another slideing menu

    I must say that all this extensions and i think even more are also installed and in use in the main domain ( in the same server) and that website is not so slow as this one.


    I have noticed is that the main news module it reproduce itself in every page when it redirects you to the news content ( and i have it published just in the frontent), (it should not show itself in the article) could be this a reason for the slow problem?.

    my goal

    Now what i need for good working site for my purpposes: i do need a news module for all news categories, a multimedia plugin for video and mp3, an sliding menu for the main menu, and extra modules to present featured and (new in the site) content

    I have made an extra test to see the real server speed this is the result

    Speed test results:

    Measured Speed (using 10 mbps T3 connection): 7.34 sec

    Compare with other sites:

    Samples from our benchmarks, showing average speed (in sec) for the last 12 months:
    google.com arin.net apple.com microsoft.com fedex.com usps.gov cnn.com weather.com
    0.6 0.7 1.1 1.2 2.3 2.9 4.4 5.9

    Should I be concerned about my server's speed?
    If your page is slower than 3-4 sec (in the above test), you should be concerned! The page will load in about 20-60 sec on or dial-up connection, longer than the average user is likely to wait.

    What is the "true speed" of my server?
    The "measured speed", shown in red at the top of this page is pretty close to the actual speed of your server. Here is why: Our speed monitor accesses the Internet via a 10 Mbps T3 connection. At this throughput, a 50 Kb page will load in about 0.04 seconds, and a 500 Kb page (we don't recommend such a huge size), in 0.4 sec. Your page takes much much longer to load (typically 100-1000 times longer), because your server (or its hosting infrastructure) can deliver the page only at a fraction of the speed at which the Internet can transmit it, or our speed monitor can receive it. In other words, the speed bottleneck is virtually never on our end, but at the source, your server. Therefore, our "measured speed" is substantially the speed of your web server.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 27, 2008

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