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Offering SERPS Optimization

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by webvigor, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. webvigor

    webvigor New Member Webmaster

    I am offering my optimization services for maximum 2. I shall up your site on Google First page. Once one of them will see results, I shall open other slots.
    Who Can Take this service?
    Person who will have a site with less than 10 million results and is willing to spend some money.
    Payment Method and Price
    Price is $200 per million results and you will have to pay 50% to start. and will pay rest of money when your site will be on first page of Google.
    What I shall Provide you?
    I shall provide you all reports fortnightly with change of position in SERPS. Reports can have submissions report, commenting in blogs, and many more. Nothing is "Black Hat" though.
    Why I can claim that I shall pull your site on Page 1 of Google?
    One of my site(www(dot)webvigor(dot)com) is on page 1 of Google for many keywords with more than 10 million results. My site even doesn't has those keywords in domain name so it was rather difficult to take some position but i did it and it has been done. I am listing a few of them.
    Keyword Results Position
    forum posting company 19,200,000 #1 in Google
    paid forum posting 2,000,000 #8 in Google
    forum posting 16,400,000 #12 in Google
    paid forum posters 3,280,000 #7 in Google
    forum posting services 42,300,000 #54 in Google

    Even it is ranked well in Yahoo(i am not claiming you to pull your site up in Yahoo as well but it will be.
    Keyword Results Position
    forum posting company 811,000,000 #2 in Yahoo
    paid forum posting 353,000,000 #7 in Yahoo

    I think this is enough proof of my ability to do so.
    I have rights to choose any site of my own choice.
    I have been providing similar services another forum(DP) as well and was claiming nothing upfront but i have been scammed $1200 so I decided to take 50% upfront. I am posting results for that projects stats here as well. His site was nowhere in any search engine but after a month of my working his site gets a remarkable change. See the picture.
    DP Username=amitfan
    Here are 2 more screenshots of another project and I have been scammed $600 again, only due to the reason that I haven't got anything upfront.
    DP Username=spider-man
    Keyword=Cane Furniture
    Keyword=Conservatory furniture
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Do you have reference from any of your previous clients?
  3. webvigor

    webvigor New Member Webmaster

    Hi temi,
    I can show you my thread on other forum and you can see many reviews in that thread or you can ask them personally.
    Let me know if you need that.

  4. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis New Member Webmaster

    Wow million results?:drool: That was huge..:applause: I was wondering what kind of software you are using for your SEO.
  5. webvigor

    webvigor New Member Webmaster

    I am not using any kind of software for SEO and do everything manually, I use a little software for analysis though.
    Moneybooker is also accepted along with Paypal.
  6. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    After you have the money, will you be removing the links you add so the site drops like a brick ?

    Will you be using quality related links to boost serps or will it just be links from any site you find ?

    reasons im asking is because i have some sites which i haven't got time for at the moment and they are already on page 2 or 3 , what guarantee's can you give me that your methods wont ruin the work all ready done ? can you send me the URL of the other clients you've had so i can see their feedback
  7. webvigor

    webvigor New Member Webmaster

    How that is possible? All your links will stay there forever. Some of them are under my control like social bookmarking and article submissions but they are permanent, some of them will be under your control like signature posting(I shall provide you usernames/passwords for accounts) and other will be out of control i.e they will be permanent like directory submissions.

    They will be mixed.
    I shall like to start brand new sites or sites from scratch. I am not up to take such site which need to be promoted from page 2 to 1. I think there is nothing which I can do for you in the scenario.

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