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Operation Clean up UKWW

Discussion in 'Archive' started by I'm H, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. I'm H

    I'm H Member Webmaster

    Hi everyone,

    Ok so as some of you may have seen UKWW is under new management, The forum has been pretty much left to rot since 2009 and ive personally sat and watched a great forum go from one of the best UK Webmaster forums to its current state on 15/03/2014 which is pretty sad.

    Hopefully this will all be changing, here are some of the things which we have already done but obviously this is going to be a real up hill struggle to get this pace to former glory. Please bare with us, help if you can by creating new threads ( rather than replying to old ones ).

    I would ask if you please try and reply with some kind of context, our aim here is to move the forum away from this crappy 1 line replies, most of the time these types of replies really dont need to be said.

    You will also notice a "like" or "thanks" system in place which you can use to say thanks, like a post and some other features, this should be used instead of writing a simple "thanks" , which is considered a pointless and spammy post.

    Some of the things we've already done since taking over 2 days ago ( now being 17/03/2014 )
    • Fixed a rather large problem with the forum/database being infected with malware/virus
    • Removed all users with 0 posts and with a .ru and other known spam email addresses ( around 6,000 profiles )
    • Removed all users with 0 posts which have an ICQ entry in their profiles, commonly used by spammers as a reference for profile spam. ( around 20,000 profiles )
    • Remove User Albums, pretty useless feature for this kind of forum and spam heaven for spammers infiltrating a neglected forum.
    • Removed Profile customisation , again pointless feature for whats meant to be a professional forum
    • Removed 30,000 users which have not confirmed their emails
    • Removed all old and unwanted plugins and usergroups
    • Secured the forum/database properly and cleaned the database ready for the xenforo Import.
    • Moved all users with 0 posts that have not logged in for 6 months to a separate moderated usergroup, those users will need to login and contact staff to be reactivated.
    • Removed ALL signatures, the forum is being imported into xenforo and we'd like a fresh start, for the members which sign back in and start to contribute they are welcome to add a signature.
    • Removed large amounts of spammy posts and short posts, we are aware there is still alot to get through, these will be dealt with over time as we look through active threads
    • Moved forum to xenforo
    • Mass cleaned all remaining profiles with URL spam which have zero posts which leaves us pretty much with users with posts and members which have clean profiles but have not yet posted.
    • Integrate Authorship and Social platforms, this enables your Google Author tag to be implemented into your posts as recognition. This can/will help with your Author status in the coming months/years with ranking factors.
    • Fix old subdomains, redirects and retain alot of the old structure which still is linked to in verious places across the web.

    This basically is leaving us with nice blank canvas, things still do to ( which maybe done by the time you all see this message )

    • Rebuild the main site/blog
    • Main site and forum design
    • Social profiles
    • Continue to clear spammy posts, over coming weeks.

    Overall this is a massive job, we plan to bring UKWW to the forefront for Webmaster related news in the for of a homepage blog, bring the forum back to life and some other wonderful ideas which this place deserves , I know the history of UKWW and i know where the future is going and will be working hard to achieve that. Hopefully some of the old members come back to join in that effort after 5 years of decay but if not, there will be plenty of new comers in the coming months :) Slow and steady progress, nothing is going to happen over night.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, 2014
  2. I'm H

    I'm H Member Webmaster

    Saved 2nd post for future updates
  3. I'm H

    I'm H Member Webmaster

    Please bare with us while we continue to clean the place up, this wont happen over night but we've made a massive start to the process.

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