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Paid Posting and writing services from the Forum Fairy

Discussion in 'Content' started by Treacle, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Treacle

    Treacle Guest

    The Forum Fairy - www.theforumfairy.com

    The Forum Fairy provides paid posting services, and aims to deliver a far higher standard of work than the competition.

    By paying our staff more than the going rate, we can recruit the best paid posters around. This shows in the work we deliver.

    We have also expanded our range of available packages, and now offer the following:

    Standard Packages* - Posts will be a minimum of 30 words long.

    Trial Package - £1.50 (Approx. $3.00)

    Includes :-

    8 Replies
    2 Threads
    1 Registered Poster

    Small Package - £3.50 (Approx. $6.50)

    Includes :-

    20 Replies
    5 Threads
    2 registered posters

    Starter Package - £7.50 (Approx. $14.00)

    Includes :-

    50 Replies
    15 Threads
    3 registered posters

    Intermediate Package - £14.00 (Approx. $26.00)

    Includes :-

    80 Replies
    20 Threads
    4 registered posters

    Bumper Package - £21.00 (Approx. $39.00)

    Includes :-

    120 Replies
    30 Threads
    5 registered posters

    Large Package - £27.00 (Approx. $50.00)

    Includes :-

    150 Replies
    50 Threads
    6 registered posters

    Professional Package - £50.00 (Approx. $93.00)

    Includes :-

    275 Replies
    75 Threads
    10 Registered Poster

    *Our Premium Packages:*

    If you are looking for longer posts than the 30 word minimum of our standard packages above, why not go for our premium post packages which will all be a minimum of 50 words. Details of these are at our website.

    We also offer site moderation services, blog content and website content - please use the email below to request further information on this service.

    If you have any questions about the services we offer, feel free to get in touch via PM, or E-Mail : admin@theforumfairy.com

    Thanks for looking.

    Treacle :)

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