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People still respond to Spam

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by temi, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Computer users across the world continue to ignore security warnings about spam e-mails and are being lured into buying goods, a report suggests.
    More than a quarter have bought software through spam e-mails and 24% have bought clothes or jewellery.

    As well as profiting from selling goods or services and driving advertising traffic, organised crime rings can use spam to glean personal information.

    The Business Software Alliance (BSA) warned that people should "stay alert".

    "Many online consumers don't consider the true motives of spammers," said Mike Newton, a spokesperson for the BSA which commissioned the survey.
    source full story: bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4084871.stm
  2. Darksat

    Darksat Guest

    Simple fact is no matter how stupid a spam is you will always get at least a 0.5% success rate, normally going up to 5-10% cap,

    Its called the Uber idiot factor.
  3. Duke

    Duke Guest

    Of course I respond to spam, I have over 3000 posts at Lifesupporters and only about 100 of them make any sense :oops:
  4. Patrick

    Patrick Guest

    :( some people are still very nieve when it comes to computers....

    the thing that annoys me is adverts in the style of a drop down menu or tick box which, when you hover the mouse turns out to be one big link...! This imediately make me think if they are going to go to the toruble of diguising the advert to look like something else why make it one big link...!?? they must think people are really stupid...

    which they sometimes are...
  5. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    I agree. Those fake drop down banners are deceptive. And the flashing, MS prompt, "You may have spyware" pops really annoy me.
  6. Duke

    Duke Guest

    People aren't stupid, they just have no idea how much there is out there to track their every move and aren't aware of all the ways you can be attacked. If you look at Home Computing 5 years ago we weren't even this bad. Hell, now you have clans dedicated to cheating, hacking and invading your computer through the open port required for gaming, jpeg virus', spyware in OS's and even games, embedded virus' in file sharing, etc. The list of possible threats has gotten so huge that it's impossible for someone picking up a computer to actually know what their dealing with.

    Also, name me one computer manufacturer, assembler or retailer that actually passes on this information onto the customer in anything more than fine print. I actually feel sorry for the newbie just picking up a computer and thinking it'll provide many years of trouble free service.
  7. Lanre

    Lanre Guest

    Someone once asked my why I just delete them without reading them what if they have a vital information?
    My responce was simple "away goes trouble down the drain"
    The most tempting are some adult sites that I have been getting recently :oops: but I still flush tem too.

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