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PGP under linux

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by clau, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. clau

    clau Guest


    I have installed linux on my laptop, and I need to use PGP in wy work. I have checked and I saw that PGP is already in linux (maybe just in mine, which is Ubuntu) under the name GPG, which is somewhat compatible with the Windows PGP. The only problem I got with it was that my keys used IDEA, which is not supported by GPG. After some searching I found that you can implement IDEA in GPG if you make some changes to it.

    The easyest way is to compile GPG with idea.c in the cipher folder. This way you will have a GPG which supports IDEA. The other thing is that for some reason, Evolution can't send GPG signed messages. I got a "Broken pipe" error everytime I tried to send a message. Thunderbird instead can send these messages without any error.

    So, if you have to do something like this, you know what to do ;)


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