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Photo Manipulation

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by novocaine, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. novocaine

    novocaine Guest

    well.. some of my works. I am kinda new to Photoshop.. about 4 months and this is my work so far :)
    first: krup eye:
  2. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    i used a pretty face to.. make this:
  3. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    created using photos made by me and a nice image with a girl :D

  4. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    i call this on silence
  5. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    this is a poster :)
  6. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    this is my first image. You can see the difference :)

  7. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

  8. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    novocaine, from now on, only post graphics directly related to web-design. And DO try to keep it under 800 x 600. Thank you.
  9. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    that was me.. anyway.. please delete this thread.. i see that it's off-topic
  10. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    I don?t think that?s really necessary. It doesn?t hurt the community, but if another moderator decides to delete it, it?s fine by me.
  11. Eric

    Eric Guest

    I think the work is fantastic! But it is going to chew up a lot of bandwidth here on the boards. Maybe in the future you could just throw up a quick blank page with the photos and give us a link, no?
  12. ovi

    ovi Guest


    Your work is greate, if you only work from 4 month on photoshop you are already the "god of photoshop", i encourage you to continue with your work, and please when you have time to post more of your work, or even a URL :)
    Keep on working man!

  13. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    if you think i am good after for months, check out what FiveseveN can do.. he is really good.. and has a lot of experience in this area :)
    ($5 for the advertising dude :))
    more of my work you can see on the website submited to another section of the forum :)
  14. ovi

    ovi Guest

    I sow man...he is realy good...anyway...keep posting man... :)

  15. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    Thanks. But don't expect any money from me :D

    As you can see, the thread has been moved. Now it's no longer off-topic. It has a topic of its own :)
  16. ovi

    ovi Guest

    I don't aspect any money....stay cool man...I create the thread specialy for you, I hope that soon that you will be a moderator there! ;)
  17. novocaine

    novocaine Guest

    more :)

    here are more manipulations, i hope that in the near future i will have time to make more images, i really like this
    manipulations on a Neverwinter wallpaper
  18. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    this is a "joke" dedicated to the end of the school year.. just another interpretation of the end o school :)
  19. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    this is a dummy poster for a festival, the text is random :)
  20. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    bloody tentacles :))

    i took some time to edit my previous images and to resize them, i hope that now they're good

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