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PHP Contact Us Script

Discussion in 'Programming' started by dman_2007, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. dman_2007

    dman_2007 Guest

    Here is a PHP contact us script. Contact.php file is a wrapper around contact-us.php file. You can add a working contact us form in any page of your site by just including contact-us.php at appropriate place. Here's a working demo.

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  2. JJUK

    JJUK New Member Webmaster

    This looks like a really good script but what is there to stop Spambots from using it like an Captcha image etc ?
  3. Dimitar Christoff

    Dimitar Christoff Member Webmaster

    secure images are so tedious for the users - you can protect a form via js by dynamically building the submit handler / events and setting the action/target.

    downside to that approach is that you need to have JS enabled to use the form - for my money - worth it. you should be doing your form validation in javascript anyway (even if the PHP script has a fallback)
  4. FreewareFreak

    FreewareFreak New Member Webmaster

    I've been looking for a php contact form for a long time. Thanks.
  5. seopaul

    seopaul New Member Webmaster

    firstly thats a cool little script, very clear on what your clean and tainted data is etc

    im a believer in defence in-depth, if your going to validate in JS you MUST still validate in php, validation in JS is a cool idea as you can make sure the data sent to your servers are maybe as you expected... but all you have todo is use httpliveheaders to figure out the names of the form vars placed by the js and then hard code a form or just send a modifyed http request via the httpliveheaders tool... effetivley bypassing your JS validation... not cool
  6. MaskedSuperstar

    MaskedSuperstar New Member Webmaster

    I have written a nice php contact us script with integrating captcha PM if interested.

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