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PHP Longevity

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Svedren, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Svedren

    Svedren New Member Webmaster

    I'm polishing up my php/html5/css skills after a bit of a break, and keep running across people talking about "The Death of PHP" and how so much has changed since the language was originally created.

    With the huge number of scripts done in PHP, LAMP being such a tremendously common environment, and from what I can tell, no serious contenders to the throne...

    Do I have anything to worry about?
  2. protoboard

    protoboard New Member Webmaster

    I don't think you should worry about a thing. PHP has been "dying" for a long time now. I remember hearing something like this about 7 years ago and PHP is still a very popular language.

    I've heard that PHP has some design faults and that any new developer should stay away from it but the truth is that it's still widely used all over the world on both old and new projects.

    I say you should not worry about it.
  3. crazycroc

    crazycroc Member Webmaster

    Definitely not dying. There are new and existing projects being created with it all the time. As for serious contenders people who are predicting the death of PHP are probably Ruby on Rails developers. That's the only other web language I see any serious development on even if it is only a fraction of the amount being done with PHP.
  4. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy New Member Webmaster

    lol. I feel "Dying" has now been associated for years now with our beloved PHP. There is no way out right now and PHP will be around for years to come. 90% of the popular sites and again new sites are on PHP and there is no reason they would all suffer due to the "Death" of PHP. Yes, what might happen is the transition from Sequential to Object Oriented thing, but then, that too would be definitely not happening quite so soon.
  5. protoboard

    protoboard New Member Webmaster

    I'm pretty sure all new projects that are using PHP are being developed with object orientation in mind. Also more scripts and sites are using the model viewer controller and that makes the code more mantainable. So there won't be a need of swtiching from PHP to any other language any time soon.

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