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PHP Tips And Tricks

Discussion in 'Programming' started by platter007, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. platter007

    platter007 New Member Webmaster

    PHP Tips And Tricks

    File Access Optimization
    When you need to including file, please recheck file content that will be use. If file is

    not contains PHP codes, use readfile() function to increase performance.
    Because files that including with readfile() does not parsing by PHP. It will be different

    with construction language include() and require(), and files will be evaluated before.

    Consequence from using readfile() is increase attack risk. This risk will be happen when

    accessing file from URL.

    Solution for the attack risk is by using File Handling.

    Using echo
    Echo allowed gives more than one string as parameter. Using some parameters are going to

    more faster than blending some variables into a parameter.

    $a = ‘Hello’;
    $b = ‘Word’;
    echo ‘Say ‘ .$a. ‘ to ‘ .$b’;
    //more faster
    echo ‘Say ‘ , $a, ‘ to ‘, $b’;

    Checking string size

    We usually using strlen() function to check the string size. The fast way to checking string

    size is using isset().

    if (strlen($str) <>
    echo ‘String must be at least 5 chars’;

    if (!isset($str{5})) {
    echo ‘String must be at least 5 chars’;

    isset() needs more little time than strlen() because isset() is construction language.

    Avoid using Large String Concatenation
    When do concatenation string, avoid uniting with large size string. It can obstructing code

    execution that really can display more faster.

    //large string concatenation
    $title = ‘title’;
    $body = ‘…a very large block…’;
    echo “Subject: $title\n\n$body”;

    //avoid large string concatenation
    $title = ‘title’;
    $body = ‘…a very large block…’;
    echo “Subject: $title\n\n”;
    echo $body;

    Boolean data type
    PHP is allowing to write Boolean data type with uppercase or lowercase. But, writing with

    lowercase is more faster than uppercase. When found a constant, PHP do lookup hash constant


    if ($var = TRUE) {

    //this is more faster
    if ($var = true) {

    When using a Boolean value, 1 and 0 are more faster than true and false.

    Avoid space in your code
    In this tip and trick, I’m going to explain how to make code optimization on your

    application. The main purpose of this code optimization is to get more faster code

    execution. The elementary key is by writing code effectively and efficiently. Because PHP

    codes going to execute every time they are requested.

    Avoid space in your code

    Avoid using many spaces ( ) is a good thing. Every space is 1 byte and every tab (\t) is 1

    byte. When you’re using four spaces, you’ve been use 4 bytes. It’s more effective if you’re

    using a tab (\t).

    Print Output
    PHP is giving some sting functions to printing output into browser and we are often using

    print() and echo() function. Both of those functions are not real function but a language

    construction. print() and echo() function have same goal, but there are some essential

    different that must to pay attention.

    Print() function behavior like the other function in common and having return value integer

    1. Thus, print() can used as part of expression which more complex. Meanwhile, echo() is

    able to accept more than one parameters all at once, and does not having return value.

    print() ‘string 1’;
    echo ‘string 1’;
    // using some parameters
    echo ‘string 1’, “string 2”, ‘…’;

    echo() function string will execution more faster than print(). This differentiate caused by

    will return status (integer) which expose what process has done or not.

    On the other side, echo() just displaying output only and do anything. At implementation,

    return value status from using function string almost never needed.
  2. shellcrash

    shellcrash New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for the tips bro
  3. charlie123

    charlie123 Guest

    quite good..........keep it up
  4. alvarez16

    alvarez16 New Member Webmaster

    Great tips, keem em coming!


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