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phpld expansion pack

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by paul.martin, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. paul.martin

    paul.martin New Member Webmaster

    For everyone here that uses phpLinkDirectory, a free expansion pack is available at the phpLD Expansion Pack site

    What's new?
    * Social bookmarking bar with more than 30 sites that can be enabled/disabled from the admin
    * Optionally create search engine friendly URLs for the detail pages
    * Search engine friendly tag clouds
    * Search engine friendly articles (the URL is the article title)
    * More income by allowing your users to submit articles at a price
    * Ability to submit and author bio with each article (as seen on most article directories)
    * 4 types of text link and banner advertisment options for your site fully integrated in the admin area
    * More payment options (Moneybookers, e-gold)
    * Submit notification to link owners about pending payments easier
    * Easily copy links from one category to antoher
    * Disallow submissions to top categories unless the link is featured (optional)
    * Disallow submissions of deep links unless the link is featured (optional)
    * Core modifications to make the script safer overall
    * Email verification on all submissions (the submitter has to click a link in the welcome email to have his submission considered) (optional)
    * More content by allowing your users to submit articles
    * More dynamic content by import of RSS feeds

  2. mrcrowley

    mrcrowley New Member Webmaster

    Wow thats a monster pack congratulations you did a great job!
    I promise to try this out some time soon...

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