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Picked up any bad habits?

Discussion in 'Forums' started by Jessi, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Jessi

    Jessi New Member Webmaster

    Has being a webmaster caused you to pick up any bad habits?

    For example, maybe you check your statistics so often now that you feel weird when you haven't seen them recently. Or maybe you always start talking about your site now, even when it's not in places that you should?
  2. Zerth

    Zerth New Member Webmaster

    Hmm a few, like when my forum just started, I like to read every thread/post that's been made, if I don't, it just doesn't seem that good if you get me xD
  3. bauss

    bauss New Member Webmaster

    There is one bad habbit that I picked up from running my site, and that's me avoiding programming new features, and telling myself that I'll program things tomorrow. I do it all the time, but I'm starting to get into work mode again.
  4. tweety23

    tweety23 New Member Webmaster

    Well, even though I'm not a webmaster, being an online writer can cause you to develop some bad habits too. I actually like to frequently check my page view statistics pretty often as well. I also try to continuously promote my articles any way that I can.
  5. Viktori

    Viktori New Member Webmaster

    Ever since I started blogging and participating in marketing sites, I've never looked at websites the same way again. I'd often see a site and begin analyzing it in my head as to whether or not it may or could have a potentially significant number of visitors, and other factors and elements such as this. I don't know if I'd call that a bad thing, but it's certainly changed my perspective permanently, and I could never look at any site as "just a site" anymore.
  6. Spintax

    Spintax New Member Webmaster

    ^^This. I am a world class procrastinator, now. I used to not be. Wordpress had an update? I was on it. Plugin came out with a new version? Done deal. All that stopped when I got tired of dealing with conflicts and "incompatibilities" that always seemed to pop up. (What do you mean I'll have to revert back to the old version if I want that function to still work?) Now, unless it's something security related, it can wait a little bit, because an update for the update is right around the corner. :)
  7. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Member Webmaster

    Not many of my friends share the same interests in web development and internet marketing that I do, so I certainly bring this stuff up on deaf ears. They usually get annoyed and we change the subject. In all honesty though I don't feel too bad about it because there are certainly things they yap about all day that I can care less about as well.
  8. Darth-Apple

    Darth-Apple New Member Webmaster

    I guess my most significant "bad habit" that I have picked up from running forums is to check the "who is online" page and the forum statistics way too often. I like to know what's going on at all times when it comes to my websites. :tongue:

    I tend to view forums a bit differently as well. When I first started using forums, I was there just to enjoy forums, and was only active on a couple of forums. Nowadays, I can easily register for several forums daily, and go through criteria in my head for whether or not to remain active. I guess that's just something that comes with more experience in foruming, but it has its good aspects as well.
  9. gadgetised

    gadgetised New Member Webmaster

    My bad habbits include constantly checking my site stats, analytics and adsense statistics. I literally check them on an hourly basis, even if I am not expecting any changes.
  10. Axel_Bert

    Axel_Bert New Member Webmaster


    i can notwant to share about my bad habbits!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Cavalier07

    Cavalier07 Active Member Webmaster

    For me it's putting things off and spending too much time doing pointless things.

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