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PlayStation 3 and Wii to Be Sold on Amazon

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by daniel, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. daniel

    daniel Guest

    It was about time for the PlayStation 3 to become more available. This could happen sooner than you think, courtesy of Amazon. Moreover, let us not forget the Wii, because Nintendo's next-gen will become available too, on Amazon.

    Crunchgear reports that - "in the coming" days - both Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii will become available for purchase on Amazon. They say that they have received
    this information from a reliable source, although that reliable source does not reveal the exact date of this Amazon sale.

    More about this on softpedia.com
  2. the wii is good, and that red steel game looks excellent. but nintendo focus on fantasy action too much for me and you need a wide open space to play wii???

    I'll get my next console on ebay, that's where I got my ps2.
  3. daniel

    daniel Guest

    Nintendo Getting Sued over Defective Wii Straps

    ... As lawsuits are a tricky business and I don't want to get sued myself, these are the exact words on classcounsel.com: “The class action lawsuit arose as result of the defective nature of the Nintendo Wii. In particular, the Nintendo Wii game console includes a remote and a wrist strap for the remote. Owners of the Nintendo Wii reported that when they used the Nintendo remote and wrist strap, as instructed by the material that
    accompanied the Wii console, the wrist strap broke and caused the remote to leave the user’s hand. Nintendo’s failure to include a remote that is free from defects is in breach of Nintendo’s own product warranty. The class action lawsuit seeks to enjoin Nintendo from continuing its unfair or deceptive business practices as it relates to the Nintendo Wii.The lawsuit also seeks an injunction that requires Nintendo to correct the defect in the Wii remote and to provide a refund to the purchaser or to replace the defective Wii remote with a Wii remote that functions as it is warranted and intended.â€Â

    Main source of this material is www.softpedia.com

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