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Please review Pitguru.com

Discussion in 'Website Feedback and Reviews' started by tecfl18, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. tecfl18

    tecfl18 New Member Webmaster

    We tried to make our site nicer, but it's still up to how do visitors think. Does our site look ok? Please help us review it and let us know what should our group need to change to make it better. It's about futures trading. Thanks a lot for sharing ideas!
  2. punksluck

    punksluck New Member Webmaster

    Very nice site, I like it. The only thing I would suggest that you change is the layout. People are always naturally drawn towards the left hand side of the page to look for important news and latest news features - just look at sites like dailyfx.com and other financial news sites. I think having a large 'twitter' area on the left is a bit 'off putting' and feels too unfamiliar.
    Other than that I think you will do well and wish you good luck.
  3. NeadoDesigns

    NeadoDesigns New Member Webmaster


    I like your blue and orange color choice. Your icons are nice, but I almost think you'd be better off choosing a different set that uses one solid color rather than a few. This way, you can adjust the hue to perfectly match the orange in your logo. I would replace the black in your logo with a dark blue. Maybe use solid bars for your categories instead to distinguish them more from your nav. Overall you've done a great job :)
  4. miles2152

    miles2152 New Member Webmaster

    The bottom of the logo is grainy and hard to read. I find the layout to be difficult to follow and navigate. The text on the top navigation bar would look better in a bold type. I would reserve the h1, h2, and h3 tags for my keywords and use CSS to code the box headlines.
  5. oheon

    oheon New Member Webmaster

    I think that the home is too much.

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