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Please review www.ooen.net

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by ooen, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. ooen

    ooen Guest

    Please review Open Online Education Network. URL is http://www.ooen.net and it is an online distance education portal; the site also hosts forums.

    Please review the over all design and functionality of the site. I will ask a couple of specific questions after I get a couple of comments.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    Well, the design is less than spectacular. I see you're going for silver & blue, but you used red on some rollovers, and the reason simply escapes me. Also, there are a lot of (mainly green) images in there that spoil the scheme.
    There's also a problem with the top nav menu : it shouldn't be autostretch IMO. That is, it's far too big for users with 1280 X 1024 and unsightly compressed for users with less than 800 X 600 (if there are any left :) ).

    I like the fact that the phpBB theme is very similar to the main site's design. Perhaps you should make the rest of the site look more like the forum :) , it's more unitary.
  3. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I think the site is fantastic considering the contents, what you need is a site that is easy to navigate, no unnecessary graphics which is exactly what your site is.

    What I particularly like about it most is the fact that despite having so may pages you kept the url search engine friendly, I think you will reap the reward for that when the site is ranked. Its PR0 at the moment, how long has it been online?

  4. ooen

    ooen Guest

    Should I change the color?
    You are talking about the index page, right? Should I try to reduce the number?
    Should it have fixed with? Should the entire site have fixed width? What do you suggest?
    The domain itself has been online since May(right before the last PR update); the main portal is up for about a month+.
  5. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    One little note, first: I believe website reviews such as this one are all about finding bugs and mistakes and such, about suggesting solutions and last but not least, the overall reception of the site in question. Let me remind you that the final choices are the author's alone.

    That was all about questions like "Should I change the color?", "Should I try to reduce the number?". You're a web-designer, right? Figure it out! Need I spell it out for you?

    If you MUST know my PERSONAL opinion, I think you should keep the color scheme but STICK TO IT, make the site fixed width and edit the pics on the index (make them blue).
  6. ooen

    ooen Guest

    I'm only asking your opinion. I don't why you get so excited about ...

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