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Please take a look

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by Bisje, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Bisje

    Bisje Member Webmaster

    Hi Guys,

    After installing my first directory ever, I decided to give my site a complete facelift and make use of mysql and PHP for the rest of the site.
    Although this is completely new for me, I managed to create an "automated" detail page for my books.
    Right now I'm interested to get your feedback about the loading time of this page and every other thing you think of when viewing this first attempt to make a dynamic site :rolleyes:

    The page can be found here : Engelenbloed van Michael Marshall Smith op Eric's Boekensite

  2. Humous

    Humous New Member Webmaster

    Hi Bisje,

    It loaded pretty quickly for me.

    I like the background although it might be worth taking out the lighter patches at it makes it stand out that it's repeating, wheras if it is all one shade it should blend in more, worth a try anyway.

    I'm impressed that it's your first attempt at a dynamic site.

    How are you handling the multi language aspect? It looks like you have two different start pages. I do multi language on my companies website, to do this I've stored all the paragraphs, sentences and words/titles in the database then pull the appropriate one on page load with a default of English. Though not all the pages do this, just the home page and all the navigation menus at the moment. But the advantage is that you only have to do the layout once.

  3. mac_jsn

    mac_jsn New Member Webmaster

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