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Selling Prateeksha Web Design - Joomla and Virtuemart Custom Template Designers

Discussion in 'Advertising and Media Space' started by prateekshawebdesign, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. prateekshawebdesign

    prateekshawebdesign New Member Webmaster

    We can provide you with a custom designed Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to add/edit/delete your web pages and content at will, giving you control over your own site. It is easy to use and very flexible for content modifications and offers complete control on all aspects of your website.

    Convert you existing sites to Joomla.
    We can convert your static files to a dynamic Content Management System and you can then control your website using a Admin Panel. No need to depend upon the webdesigner etc.

    Ecommerce Web Application
    If you need to web store or a ecommerce web application that has a lot of information and provide search facilities to your users, a database driven site may be required. A good example would be a property agency who would be able to add/edit/delete properties at will from a database that would also enable front end users to search the database for a property by area, location, price. We can create such an ecommerce application for you. Similar applications are as follows -

    Web applications
    Below are just some of the types of web site and web application we can create. If you have the idea,, we can build the system.
    * Community sites
    * Content management systems
    * News portals
    * Forums and bulletin boards
    * Guestbooks
    * Property searches / estate agents
    * Search engines
    * PHP web sites
    * MySQL web sites

    Online Web Shops

    Ecommerce websites, or online shops, cost slightly more due to the complexity of the programming. They require a database to store the products and the facility to process payments online through services like Paypal.

    You can check out portfolio at For more details, kindly contact us Sumeet Shroff Call +1 (541) 359-2918
  2. jacky

    jacky New Member Webmaster

    Being online is really cool & useful for everything.
  3. fantastvik

    fantastvik New Member Webmaster

    Thats great array of services that you have.I can suggest you one more skill which you can easily acquire and will save you lots of time,energy and cost.
    Today if some body asks you to build a small website for you with CMS.then your normal approach would be to design a html website first and then write lot of programming code to integrate it with joomla.
    I know about a CMS which is called zimplit,it does not need a database and you need not write even a single line of code to integrate your website with zimplit.
    This will save you time,energy and enhance your profit margin.
    Do explore it once and give your review.

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