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Pre-Installatin check problems

Discussion in 'Boss Cart - JV Series' started by clau, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. clau

    clau <span style="color: white; font-weight: 700; backg Webmaster

    The Session save path is not the problem here. You can have it as unwriteable and the script will still work fine.

    The problem is the values you gave for the host, username and password for the database. Please make sure that you create a database first and you note down the exact username and password. The username and database name depend on the type of control panel your server has, but you can always check them in the control panel of your site. The host is most of the times "localhost", without the quotes. Also, make sure that you added the user to the database with all the privileges.

    If you are not sure, you can ask your hosting company to check if the values are right or to give you the correct values.

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