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Problems after installation...

Discussion in 'iG Shop' started by sonocronic, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. sonocronic

    sonocronic New Member Webmaster

    First I want to warn everybody... My english sux!

    I have done everyting that the install-text said.

    I dont know if I done right but where it says that you should input you access details on the file "autp.php" I just wrote some shit. Does it mater?

    What I wrote:

    Then the install-textit says this:
    Please log on to mysql(phpmyadmin - if you have) using your account details and dump the ig_shop.sql file located on your pc, at the unpacked shop folder /ig_shop/ig_shop.sql

    mysqldump yourtatabasename < ig_shop.sql

    I realy try to understand but I dont!

    "using your account details"???? What user details?
    The details that the autp.php-file carrying or that?

    My shop is here:

    It?s totaly blank!

    Someone who can help me?


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