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Professional development team..

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by 4SEO, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. 4SEO

    4SEO New Member Webmaster

    We provide services in software application development for you business.
    Some of our services:
    1. Website Development:
    • Website shell development.
    • Website design
    • Using the following languages:
    - PHP
    - CGI
    - PERL
    - JavaScript etc.
    • Design and Development of Databases:
    - MySQL
    - MS SQL
    - Oracle
    - FireBird/Interbase and others.
    • Domain registration
    • Web hosting registration
    • Website content development in English and Russian languages.
    • Website service contract are available.
    • Website testing and implementation into business process.

    2. Software Development:
    • Software Architecture
    • Software Design
    • Depending on the set criteria the we would use the following programming languages:
    - C, C++, C#
    - Java
    - ASP.NET
    • In the development of complex corporate networks server and client applications are developed which are compatible with Windows 2003 Server and IIS (Internet Information Server), Active Directory, MSSQL, MS Exchange etc. Also, other server operating systems could be in use (FreeBSD, *nix).

    3. Our systems are undergoing several stages of testing, which insures its supreme performance and reliability.

    4. Besides developing high quality systems, we also provide training of the personnel and future support of the project.

    5. We insure a rapid response to any trouble call. We provide full technical support after completion of the project. Updates and modifications of the project are available according to the contract.

    6. Our goal is a long term relationship with the client, there for we develop a high quality product according to the needs of the specific client.

    7. The client owns the whole source code of the project. We insure full confidentiality of the client’s project source code.

    The flow of the Project:
    1. Client sends us a detailed request of the project description with clients contact information via Email.
    2. We would respond in 24 hours with our decision.
    3. After the negotiations of the price and the timeline of the project, client issues a 30% down payment according to the negotiated price. Usually it takes from 1 week to 3 moth for the project development. Depending of the complexity of the project the timeline could increase.
    4. System development starts immediately after clients down payment (30% of the total project cost). If the project is in stages, the down payment is for the 1st stage of the project. During the development of the project client can receive the intermediate results to monitor the progress of the project.
    5. Upon completion of the project the client issues the payment of the remaining balance.
    6. When the balance is paid off the client receives the complete project which includes the source code and full documentation of the project.
    We accept: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check (USA).
  2. zahad

    zahad New Member Webmaster

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