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Professional Directory submission. Only $19 for 2600 directories. Really Affordable!

Discussion in 'Services' started by seoguru, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. seoguru

    seoguru New Member Webmaster

    Dear community member, thanks for viewing my thread. I would be glad to offer professional directory submission service at an affordable rates. Its really pretty good offer that you can find round here.

    Here are the specs of submission:
    • 2600+ directories
    • 1400+ captchas
    • 99% of directories are dofollow
    • Free selection of appropriate categories
    • Free mailbox registration and confirmation of all messages

    Once submission completed, you will get detailed report in .exl and access for the mailboxes with all messages.

    And yes, its really Affordable and effective, and costs only $19. No sense to tell you that such service costs at least in 2-3 times more, since you already know it.

    Wish to order? Press button below to place an order:


    Submission: by SEO experienced staff.
    Time needed: 2-7 business days.
    Payment: PayPal or CreditCard via integrated Checkout.
    Discounts: Discussable for bulk orders.
    Guaranteed response: 48/hr, usually faster.


    Just contact us. The best way is via email, however do not hesitate to use messengers. We will be glad to answer on all your questions. Below you can find our contact details:

    Email: submissionbay@gmail.com
    [​IMG] submissionbay@gmail.com
    [​IMG] submissionbay@gmail.com
    [​IMG] submissionbay

    Thanks for looking​

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    An more... Order quality submission at really affordable price today.
  2. seoguru

    seoguru New Member Webmaster


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