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Project management and business

Discussion in 'Project Management and Outsourcing' started by georgiana, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. georgiana

    georgiana Guest

    I wanna present a website that helped me a lot in my project work. I found it while i was desperate searching for informaiton about project management and i discovered that it contains a lot of information about projects, project management, many tips and advices on how to build a successfull project or how to be a good Project Manager. It basically gives you anything you need on this subject. All you have to do is read and apply what it says.
    While i was reading there i discovered things that i never imagined could be important in life or for the organization of a project. It was like reading the perfect solution to all my problems regarding work in that moment. What can i say more?! I did what they advised me to, and i managed to achieve success.
    I hope all of you who need information about this issue will visit it and will follow its advices so it will help you too like it helped me. Oh, i forgot to say the name of the site. Silly me.<strong> www.visitask.com</strong> Take a look yourself and you will see i'm right about it. Many thanks. I'll get back later with other websites i liked.
  2. Win8282

    Win8282 Guest

    Hmm... thou I don't think that this post is too appropiate for this forum... try posting this on the general talk

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