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Promoting Your Affiliate Program On Shareasale

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by marketraise int, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. marketraise int

    marketraise int New Member Webmaster

    Affiliate marketing is an awesome opportunity for those who are self-motivated. Brand your affiliate program as the best out there for your industry. In my mind, affiliate marketing is the retail distribution channel of the virtual world.The affiliate realm has really become an entity onto itself, and takes dedication to stay up to date with changes.There are affiliates setting up affiliate program with Shareasale and keep asking 4 tips 2 promote his/her program.If your program doesn’t stand out, you won’t be remarkable. Attracting the right people and keeping them motivated is critical to the success of an affiliate marketing program. Creating working relationships with good synergy is key as well. If you sell peanut butter, partner with a site that sells jelly. Make it EASY for those around you to make money, and they will often try to reciprocate. Work with your affiliates to get rankings and sales.Affiliates mostly want:
    Higher percentages, more incentives and tools
    I don't know, if I had the more money question answered, I wouldn’t be sittin’ here addin’ away to my impending carpal tunnel. EARN. WORK. PAY. ENJOY. Make a healthy percentage for everyone involved, and everyone remains happy. Always be the most attractive affiliate program in your industry, and cut deals with folks. Add additional percentage points to help keep your best affiliates happy (they will also be the sharpest, most savvy, and most demanding).
    Better conversion rates
    Focus your site efforts on retaining sales for your affiliates. Help your best affiliates to retain the most sales with special perks. Split test things on your site to make it more effective. Work hard to improve your perceived credibility. Talk to your customers.
    Less Chargebacks
    Don’t try doin’ stuff that deceives people. Sell a fair product at a fair price. Promise and deliver good customer service.
    Less Leakage
    Take your 800 number down, make it small, or give affiliates an extension or special code. Keep non-trackable sales to a minimum. This will help your affiliates, but also your bottom line by knowing what you are spending on advertising expenses for what level of return. Learn about the issues with parasiteware and encryption of affiliate id’s and don’t let your program be exploited.
    Best Regards,
    MarketRaise Corp.

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