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Put Down the Bubble Wrap Boy! Copy this and BANK

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Ultramoney, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Ultramoney

    Ultramoney New Member Webmaster

    Quit focussing on useless shit, your life is not a piece of bubble wrap! Who can resist picking up these air filled protective sheets of plastic and playing with them until every bubble has popped? Why do we even do that, what exactly is the attraction. It’s because we have control, we can actually leave a stamp, make a footprint, hear, see and feel the effect we impose on this inanimate object.

    We can put this condition of the human mind to better use and take a much greater, much more real pleasure by affecting our lives and our futures. We can carve our own destiny and in doing so leave a stamp on the world. So now is the time to stop wasting energy on fruitless endeavours, think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and in the process be awoken from your zombie slumber. It’s time to take the power back and be the person you want to be rather than just some collection of cells pointlessly moving from one bubble wrap distraction to the next.


    Youtube is a recreational playground for the most part so people can’t be arsed with all the boring stuff you are trying to inject into their brains through their zombie eyeballs. Don’t interrupt the flow of a youtube watcher. Reinforce their enjoyment and provoke curiosity, this is how you generate mass traffic.
    Your steps here are:1) Research for the most searched terms and trends2) Remix some popular videos in a cool unique way3) Water mark the Ending Part with your websites url and add a simple call to action “Click the link below the video to see MOARR”4) Make sure your video has the attention grabbing thumbnail(tits/chebs/boobies/knockers/bazookas/melons [breasts if you wanna get all gay] work like a charm and you know it boyo! haha)5) Assuming you already have a website with ppc modules crafted beforehand your job is now to drive the traffic there6) Rinse and repeat dude, you know the drill.
    Sex rules as an ‘evergreen’ [or always profitable] attention grabber. Random videos containing spontaneous short scenes of sexy chicks in bikini’s collect millions of views so if you want free traffic from youtube then just place the irresistible video screenshot and skip all the way to the bank.


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