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Rank Higher And Get More Traffic To Your Website With This Method

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by trentton, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. trentton

    trentton New Member Webmaster

    Writtin by John Mathews
    Source: RankNumberOneOnGoogle.com

    Do not use the meta keywords tag. Many people still think of this as a quick fix for SEO. It's not, It only benefits your competition!! how so? well back then search engines used to rely on Meta Keywords to guess which keywords were relevant to a webpage , now the search engines are sophisticated enought to examine the keywords in the body of a webpage.
    by placing Meta Tags on a page your giving your competitor a list of important keywords.can then use these keywords and buy PPC ads or optimize their own site for your important keywords. Why give them this sort of business intelligence? Having invested time and money on exhaustive keyword research to identify the important keyword phrases to use for your own SEO and PPC efforts, why on earth would you make a list of your high value keywords public?

    Read the whole article at: How to rank number one on the google search engine

    This website has the best ways to learn to advertise a website for high tankings on the google search engine.
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  2. hotgurgaon

    hotgurgaon New Member Webmaster

    very good suggestion as i always use meta keywords in all of my pages but from i will stop using meta keywords and will try to remove the tags form all my important pages.
  3. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    You may get there, but cannot stay there.
  4. Mckee

    Mckee New Member Webmaster

    thank you for information, i have a question, what is the traffic terms in site?...well your information post here is nice, so i will try to do that....

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