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Really wanting to make a website...

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by Internet-addict, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Internet-addict

    Internet-addict New Member Webmaster

    Hello, all. I am new to this site. I have tried many times to make a website, but every one of my sites is down due to lack of traffic, and the fact that I can not make a website that interests anyone. I really like maintaining a site, going online daily to update it and all.
    I am currently a member at an aquarium forum, and I'd like to start my own. I have some good web hosts available/a free search engine submission service, and I think I could successfully make an aquarium forum if I could only keep the few members I'd get. First, a few members would join, but then see that no one really comes onto the forum, and leave, not even thinking that if they atleast kept the forums in mind, the community would slowly build up. So I'm mainly looking for ways to keep the members around/coming back, rather than having members simply leaving for good to join an established forum, which had to go through a beta stage it'self at one point.
  2. john_logic

    john_logic New Member Webmaster

    Best way is to get as many posts on your forum as possible. I believe you can hire "forum-posters" - so you may want to write another post in this forum with the title more specifically about that to attract attention. Another thing you can do of course is to sign up to numerous accounts yourself for your own forum and answer your own posts /submit new ones. Sounds cheeky maybe, but as long as you're providing good information for your users, that's all that matters really
  3. shellybrown1984

    shellybrown1984 New Member Webmaster

    Hi this is Shelly here.. I have sites which are finance only.. plz pm me if ur interested ...at shellybrown1984(at)gmail.com.

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