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Review Cheap Host - Before You Buy, Here's Some Reality

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by babadorie, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. babadorie

    babadorie New Member Webmaster

    Before you commit your website to a web host, you need to research that host. Do a search at Google to see what is written about that host. It is one of the most critical decision you will make on getting your online presence.
  2. whwmike

    whwmike New Member Webmaster

    How to Select a Good Hosting Company
    Everyone asks this question to themselves when they see many attractive and luring web hosting company sites on internet which attracts them to signup. Is Cheap Hosting Reliable? A common belief is that if a company is offering something really cheap they don’t provide quality service or support. They might be fake. They might be fraud. In some cases it is true but it is not always true. If you search properly you will find some genuine companies who provide cheap hosting with quality service and hosting support.
    If you check on internet you will find many cheap hosting companies out of which some are in business from many years and having a large number of client database, servers and websites. If cheap hosting was that bad or fake then how could these companies were able to collect such large client database? You would say “Yes, this is a point to think!!”​
    So the fact is there are cheap hosting companies which are really genuine and provide quality services and hosting support, the only question is how can one find them? To find a good hosting company and cheap hosting company you should do some research on internet. If you are considering any cheap hosting provider then you should look for following things in it.​
    1) What are the mean of support provided by the hosting company? Do they provide 24×7 support. 24×7 hosting support is the most important thing you should look in hosting company. At least the hosting company should provide 24×7 live chat and E-mail support. 24×7 hosting support benefits us a lot. If I am having a website hosted some where, I would need help any time. So my hosting provider should be there for me always. If my hosting provider is providing Live Chat support 24×7 I can get live help on my issues any time.​
    2) So the hosting company you are considering is providing 24×7 support and also Live chat then you should move to your second point and that is “From how many years is this hosting company in business?” You should visit the live chat of hosting company and ask them some of the questions for genuine check, like:​
    a) From how many years is your hosting company doing business
    b) How many clients you have, do you have clients from the country where I am from.
    c) How many servers you have?
    3) Once you get answer of the above questions you should check more things in that hosting company like:​
    Does the hosting company provides money back policy? Some hosting companies do provide 30 days money back policy which means you can get full refund of your amount within 30 days of your signup. If the hosting company you are looking for is providing such feature then you have 30 days to verify the hosting company​
    4) Then you should check are the prices of hosting shown on website are really the same till you purchase and checkout from their order form. You should ask them about the hidden costs or setup fee they charge excluding the hosting charges. My suggestion to you will be go for hosting company whose prices displayed on website are same to what you pay. Which means choose hosting company which does not apply any hidden charges or setup fee.
    5) Then you should ask the hosting company that whether they will put any of their ads on your website. Some hosting companies put their own ads on your website which is not good, so you should check that the hosting company that you are considering is not doing so.​
    6) After checking all these points you should check how is the hosting company you are considering is different from others? Is the hosting company providing any extra features like:
    a) Free PHP or other scripts​
    b) If the company you are considering is providing cpanel then that company should provide the famous free script installer called as Fantastico for free on the hosting plan you are thinking to buy. Fantastico is a installer provided in Cpanel hosting control panel by which you can install various scripts like wordpress, mambo, joomla, phpbb forum etc in few clicks. It makes our work very easy. So see the hosting company provides Fantastico and that too for free. If they are not providing it for free then reject that hosting company.
    c) Same like Fantastico the hosting company should provide a site builder. Site builder is a web application by which you can design your site in clicks. In this you don’t need to have any web design knowledge. Site builder have many ready websites templates in it. All you have to do is select that template and edit it as per your needs. So see that the hosting company you are looking should provide a free site builder. If they are charging for it then reject that hosting company.
    7) Once you’ve found a host that fits your needs, and their terms of service (TOS) look good to you, how are you sure they are reliable? Like with any major purchase, enter their name in a search engine and see what the results bring you. If they’re horrible, more than likely you’ll find someone writing about them on a blog or message board. Just remember that people who are happy with a service are less likely to write about it than those who are unhappy. So if you find good reviews of the hosting company you are considering then think that you are doing a correct choice by selecting that hosting company as your host.​
    So the cheap hosting company you are considering is fulfilling the above points then just GO FOR IT !!!!
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