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Run your own Twitter site with HUGE revenue potential!

Discussion in 'Websites' started by toffee, May 21, 2009.

  1. toffee

    toffee New Member Webmaster

    Micro-Blogging Community Script V1.3.2 RELEASED!

    Run your own Twitter site with HUGE revenue potential!

    Order your script today and launch your own microblog host in minutes. It is similar to twitter, but it is all yours and you decide what it looks like and how it runs. Everything is in your control when you use x10 Micro Blog Community to run your own microblog host.

    Script also includes a Wordpress Theme.

    New features!

    -Search friend function
    -Invite Friends
    -Reply feature (Comments)
    -Use of animated Gif for your Avatar and images upload
    -Global RSS Feed + User's RSS
    - New Updated Cool Design with PSD provided for the Logo
    And so much more...

    You can check the full specs here: x10media/microBlog

    All that for only $39.99

    Order now

    15% off
    Coupon code: springsale15

    For those who already have the previous version, the upgrade is available in your client area as usual.

    Need a good inexpensive place to host your site?http://hosting.x10media.com

    Need some tips, logos or banners to advertise your website?
    Have a look at our freebies section of webmaster resources
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Interesting script but even twitter is not making any money at the moment, I wonder how users of your script can make money.
  3. toffee

    toffee New Member Webmaster


    By attracting a lot of users to your website cause they enjoy the micoblogging and then selling Ads.

    Come see our website, we have everything you need to start your own website.

    From the scripts to free e-books on how to monetize your site.

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