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Safety monitoring network came to each side

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by apexis, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. apexis

    apexis New Member Webmaster

    The emergence of ip camera trend is not an accident, like the Internet appears as the historical choice is also. We always will be the latest science and technology, is the most convenient for human use, and the different means applied to various industries, the field of each. Cable mouse with more thought no line more convenient; Mobile storage equipment is not convenient for data transmission, so the network transmission will have needs; The traditional approach to promote brand not how human nature, so the network brand publicity appear convenient quickly. In 2011 China security exhibition nets the second most concern ten big security enterprises selection activities, is open and should be the market demand, combining Internet channel brand publicity, say, China security exhibition nets selection activity open, let you feel real security ip camera has come to your body side. So the security industry's network has a demand by conceptualization gradually turned into a real hard demand.
    In the security of the application of ip wireless camera and related basically have: alarm, monitoring, and trade management and business etc, and the four key words can say includes security areas of DuoZhong industry, network effectively improve the security of large scale. video surveillance camera , security alarm, intelligent traffic, access control interphone, lightning protection five categories with the greatest concern is the second ten big security enterprises selection activities, not only is the main content of network monitoring, network storage provides multi-level enterprise support, also gave birth to the security industry's comprehensive service functions. This "fruit lead to the diversity of safety industry service and effectiveness, to some extent will attract people to try to enjoy high quality service. Therefore, in the process of the development of network security, has a pivotal role.
    Security network demand in the accelerated sharply
    A few years ago security experts in the field of network security, predicted in 2011 has been truly came to the security industry chain of each side.
    The expert points out, the traditional security before and do not embrace system, interconnected these concepts. But in recent years, with the combination of three nets, networking and new things the development of information technology application, and peace, the power substation, city bank site monitoring network for transmission and the Internet and network monitoring the growing demand, broke traditional video monitoring of the spatial limit, carry out the new proposition. And in 1025 period, our country security industry the development goal is to "1025" end to realize industry scale double. Annual rate reached about 20%, in 2015 total output value reached 500 billion yuan. This as the goal, security "1025" plan actively promote networking technology and security application that the combination of things, explore the concept of the application of the market under networking new mode, perfect the big security application system.
    At present, will the computer, communication, multimedia, networking and other areas of cutting-edge technology to a harmony network monitor system, because can realize remote monitoring and low cost expanded monitoring van surrounded, the range of expanded rapidly, now have permeated road traffic, enterprise IT, family, education, medical treatment, and the trend of the accelerated sharply. China security exhibition held the second session of the most popular web on ten security enterprises selection for the security enterprise aim to seek multi-level potential security vendors, and help "accelerating demand," the fast development.
    The network has become the main trend in today's society, network security is to meet the demand of social development, in order to develop a broader market. Believe that through the continuous improvement and development, the network will bring more security industry of creativity and opportunities.
    This information from Safety monitoring network came to each side.

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