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Sai baba

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sailaxmipun, May 21, 2011.

  1. sailaxmipun

    sailaxmipun New Member Webmaster

    The meaning of SAI BABA is divine parents. SAI has another six meanings, they are as follows. 1) spiritual, association and individual transformation, 2) service, adoration=work is worship and illumination, 3) see always inside, 4) sadhak-spiritual aspirant, and I- Sai baba Himself and 5) standard, accreditation and inspection. This formula especially is very important for the schools, colleges and the universities. SAI BABA since His birth 1926 nov23rd has been teaching to the mankind about service to man is service to god through education, there education is free from the class one level up to Phd, there are four hospitals even heart surgery is free and for more than 722 villages unbelievable supply of drinking water all are free. We all have to learn from him. Thank you.Yahoo Answers account
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  2. nullifygirls

    nullifygirls New Member Webmaster


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