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Scam Warning: perry jewel

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by perryjewel, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. perryjewel

    perryjewel New Member Webmaster

    -perry jewel, shameless con artist, self-promoter and repeatedly failed producer with a string of unmitigated

    flops, lawsuits, and empty pocketed investors left high and dry along the path is on the prowl again, this time

    foisting "A Salute To Heroes" off on any unsuspecting investors he hasn't previously separated from their


    This on the heels of his last great "production", the last year's looting of Australia's only publicly listed

    entertainment company, International Concert Attractions.

    In case you missed the story in the Sydney Morning Herald last September, here is a snippet from the article

    which will give you the gist:

    "The curtain is about to fall on Australia's only publicly listed entertainment company, International Concert


    Staff walked out of the company's plush premises in Neutral Bay four weeks ago after not being paid.

    In a boardroom battle in May, the impresario perry Jewel became a director and Frits Mare the executive

    chairman of a company now reported to be in tatters.

    The insolvency firm Horwath, recently appointed administrator to ICA Presents, a subsidiary of the company,

    recommended in a report on Monday that the subsidiary be liquidated.

    It found the subsidiary had engaged in insolvent trading, uncommercial transactions and had made

    preferential payments. The report found ICA Presents had less than $11,000 in the bank and debts of almost

    $13 million."

    And who do you suppose was in charge of the cookie jar when the $13 million went missing????? Right you

    are----perry jewel !!!!!

    How this scammer stays out of jail is beyond belief, but if we all get together maybe we can change that

    injustice once and for all.

    If you've run afoul of the notorious -perry jones please forward your thread and let's see if we can't put this

    serial scam artist away big time!!

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