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Search Engine Optimization - The Basics

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by ms2134, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. ms2134

    ms2134 New Member Webmaster

    "Just A Tip"

    Recently, the team and i have been looking at how we can make the company websites search engine rating better and decided that we would also give a few tips for all those lovely people who are here, checking out our blog.

    There are many ways which you can improve your search engine rating and get higher in the search results.

    There are a fair few people who believe that getting a good rating is quite simple.
    It does take a little time; in order to get a good rating, you need to keep at it and try hard to make sure that you have some new content for the search engines.

    Search engines just love new content and if you keep it updated on a good basis, then the search engines will come back and index your website more often and over time your website may be seen as a reliable source.


    The keywords that you use for your website should be relevant to what your website is about and what you do there.
    Try to keep a few of the keywords in the:

    1. Url
    2. Meta Tags
    3. Description
    4. Alt Tags
    5. Title
    6. Header Tags (Not to many though)
    7. The Main Content

    The above seven things are a must when you are placing keywords for your website.

    "Link Baiting"

    In order to help your website get higher results and to become more trusted, you need to do some link baiting.

    You can give links back to other websites, in return, they will give you a link back to your website. (Try to choose sites which are relevant to what yours is about.)

    Search engines like some Link Directories; but some can harm your rating, so be careful.

    The best links that you can get, are one way links. These links are where you are not linking back to someones website but they are linking to yours.
    This is good, as it shows that that website likes your website/services and without there being a link back from your website. It shows that they trust you and that there is not exchange.

    One way links are liked alot more by search engines. The search engines trust these types of links more.
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  2. amansh04

    amansh04 New Member Webmaster

    It is right.
  3. subxpert

    subxpert New Member Webmaster

    Talking about keywords, it is good to use your keyword early and often in your site. This is one way to increase your on-page optimization. But try to use them naturally. Do not mention your keyword to the extend that your site makes no sense at all.
  4. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis New Member Webmaster

    I agree with you ms2134, I prefer using the one way link rather
    than the reciprocal and the 3 way.. the good thing in one way is
    you can generate traffic from different site without putting their
    links on yours :)
  5. neilrbowen

    neilrbowen Member Webmaster

    Just don't get too many links too fast :)

    Caused me to loose 100k visitors a day from my rankings in google on one site.
  6. smeagain

    smeagain Distinguished Member Webmaster

    Try writing the copy text about the subject that you want to be found for.
  7. bullshitwebsites

    bullshitwebsites New Member Webmaster

    use the free webmaster tool is good...

    If everyone is doing right, then the bar is equal...
  8. stanneon

    stanneon New Member Webmaster

    the post contains true ideas... thanks...
    Getting good rank takes a lot of hard work and it takes 3-4months before getting a PR from Google.
  9. grishamist

    grishamist New Member Webmaster

    That's correct and let me add something, good content is one of the key factors on on-page optimization.
  10. Handsome

    Handsome New Member Webmaster

    thanks for tips


    putting keyword on page is also good
  11. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport New Member Webmaster

    Keywords are important but also keyword densities, keyword total, page loading time, content layout, variety of content formats, readability, historic CTR from SERPs, Google Analytics data, Inbound links and anchor texts are all important too I suspect.
  12. Danielnash

    Danielnash New Member Webmaster


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, but i want know that what types of Link Directories can harm your rating.
  13. dinewizard

    dinewizard New Member Webmaster

    re:seo guide

    Thanks.It helped me a lot.
  14. nitikavyassnv

    nitikavyassnv New Member Webmaster



    I am glad that you have given informations about SEO it will be very helpful for me.

    As I am doing SEO and I am a beginner too it will help me a lot .So if u get more information about SEO then please let me know.

  15. christoph

    christoph New Member Webmaster

    A good checklist for beginner's, a bit more detail on each point would be benificial.
  16. jaikanth123

    jaikanth123 New Member Webmaster

    seo is search engine optimization which can improve your site and save time..MANY SEOS provide useful services for web site owners:
    1.review of ur site content or structure
    2.technical advice on website development
    3.content development
    4.management of online business development campaigns

    there are seo forums to post forums we have to follow this steps;
    Posting in the Forums:

    The Forums are to be used as a place where people can come to learn about search engine optimization trends and techniques. Members should post questions and offer answers to questions about anything relating to the search marketing industry. When posting please observe these basic guidelines…

    1. Create new threads in the most relevant category.
    2. Including a link in a post is acceptable as long as it is in reference to the information that was posted.
    3. Do not post just a link.
    4. When referencing an information source on the web please quote part of the source with the link to the source.
    5. When referencing things like articles or press releases include a small caption with a link to it and do not post the entire article.
    6. Keep all posts relevant to the search marketing industry unless you are posting in the general chat forum.
    7. Posting the same posts in multiple threads is not acceptable.
    8. This is a friendly forum; do not post personal attacks against other people.
    9. Forum spamming will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.
    10. Affiliate links are not allowed in signatures or in posts.
    11. Do not link to adult sites, gambling sites, hate or illegal sites of any kind in posts or anywhere in your profile.
    12. Do not add "fake signature links" to the end of your posts.
    13. Self-promotion posts that offer no value to the forum will be deleted with possible infractions given to the offender.
    14. Create only one account. Members who have multiple accounts will receive infractions for each account with 2 infractions resulting in a ban.

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    - Article Syndication & Press Releases

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