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Selecting a free storage online that provides complete security is essential

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Luis Baiges, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Luis Baiges

    Luis Baiges New Member Webmaster

    Many companies offer free storage online services in order to help people in storing pictures, videos, songs, files or folders on their cloud drives. Maximum of the providers will provide a certain amount of free storage space, after that if anyone needs more space then they will have to buy it.

    It is advisable to choose a provider who can provide best online storage free system; with complete, secure cloud storage that can help to keep the documents and other information password protected. They should also be able to restore the lost data from their remote server and also lets users decide who can access their documents.
  2. JetStorm

    JetStorm New Member Webmaster

    Nothing personal, but there's no such thing as complete security and no single company can provide such a feature.
    If someone is really determined to get access to your data they will always find a way as long as the target is worthy the time and effort.
  3. Luis Baiges

    Luis Baiges New Member Webmaster

    Usually a cloud storage system comes with an industry-grade encryption, which can provide a security blanket. As it generally combines 3 processes in it, i.e., encryption, verification , and authentication. Only a registered user can access their own accounts. Secondly, the data which are uploaded by the user are first encrypted and the various segments of data gets stored in different servers, so it becomes hard for any hacker to identify any particular data among many datas and informations. Thirdly, all encryption takes place locally on the computer of the person, hence,no one can decrypt the files without the password.

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