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[] SEO – META Tags in SEO – Should You Use Them?

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by pttugas, May 12, 2010.

  1. pttugas

    pttugas New Member Webmaster

    Onsite SEO is going by the wayside and not being used by the search engines much anymore but it may still benefit you to optimize each of your web pages.

    The search engines have a formula to determine keyword relevancy on each page of your web site.

    The technical term is an algorithm, which each engine has its own unique algorithm that it uses to rank pages. It generally consists of your page title, overall body content, the number of quality of links pointing back to your site, and how long people stay on your site.

    It’s important to understand that every engine is different in what they use in their formula. Some may look at quality inbound links (number of sites linking to yours), others may place more emphasis on your body content.

    These days, META tag information is becoming less and less important but still should be done. Meta tags are hidden descriptions that appear at the beginning on each page of your HTML code, inside your head tag. Even though this is invisible to your visitor’s eyes, search engine spiders can read them. They normally consist of a title, description, and keyword tag and they look like this:

    <br /> < !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8"></meta><meta NAME="Keywords" Content="Use 5 - 6 Keywords relevant to the page"></meta><meta NAME="Description" Content="Include your 5 - 6 keywords in a few sentences explaining what the page is about"></meta></head></html>

    The title and description of your page will be what the search engine results show.

    If you don’t have anything in the meta description the engines will use phrases from your page for the description. You may not want the engines using any description for your page since you want to entice people to click on your page in the search results.

    They usually only use phrases and may not really convey to the person all the information on that page.

    Whatever website builder you are using for your pages, you should be able to add the page meta information under Page Settings or possible Page Properties.

    Body Area of Page

    The SE’s are using your page contents to target your actual theme and pulling out keywords related to the main theme. So when you are writing your content try to stay on the actual keywords you have for the theme.

    Finding Relevant Keywords

    The search engines many times don’t look at a word and “think†of the same things that you may. By finding the relevant words for your keyword theme, you will be able to interchange your main keyword and not have to over use it.

    Yes, the search engines have “grown up†over time with the search engine optimization process and even though many of them do not use the meta tags to “discover†what the page is about it does not hurt to learn the basics of SEO.

    Ready to begin? Julia Ponikvar has taken all the guess work out of how you can make your own website by creating a step by step tutorial to help you learn how to create a website.

    More tips to help you search engine optimize each of your web pages.


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