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Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by seoasia, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. seoasia

    seoasia New Member Webmaster

    Explain the meaning of SEO
  2. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    Search engine optimisation :botles:

    Ask a silly question and expect a silly answer :yahoo:

    If you'd like the elaborate on something specific then maybe you will be more detailed replies.
  3. jaikanth123

    jaikanth123 New Member Webmaster

    seo means "search engine optimization".it is actually the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from which search engines are obtained naturally with out unpaid("it can be logarithmic or organic"). it is opposed with SEM which is a paid inclusion.in SEO there are different kinds of search such as search,including image search,local search and industry specific vertical search engines..which would give a website web presence.
    optimizing involves editing its content ad HTML and associated coding to increase specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities.
    There are different techniques:
    black hat :black hats anticipate that their sites might be banned when the search is over temporarily or permanently-it uses text that is hidden,it involves deception.

    white hat :white hat produces results that will last a longer time even after the search is over.it confirms the a search engine guide lines and it involves no deception.

    gray hat techniques: it is neither black nor white they have some risk associated in their way ..it can be said as black or white hat.
    it is a process of improving the ranking in-search web results/
  4. Alex Brooks

    Alex Brooks New Member Webmaster

    The goal of SEO, is to rank #1 on all major search engines for popular keywords. The point is, if you can rank highly for keywords, you can make money from promoting products/etc, so the goal of SEO is really to make money. :)
  5. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport New Member Webmaster

    Ever heard of wikipedia?
  6. royal

    royal New Member Webmaster

    You should search on google to learn too much about seo.
    You should try on google search by following way:
    type in search box : ( define: seo )
  7. soloads

    soloads New Member Webmaster

    LOL, yeah NO KIDDING!!!

    :huh:OK... I am confused... I have seen these types of thread posts in other forums and it annoys me that you are asking silly questions just to build up enough posts for your signature. To top it off, shouldn't you know the answer to that??? YOUR user name has SEO in it... OR am I the only one being uptight about it... :batz:

    YES and NO, each Search engine has different algorithms and reads the SEO work differently, so ranking #1 on Google does not mean you will be #1 on the others. You can simply work your SEO to aim for number one but it is not guaranteed on all three major SE.

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