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SEOTalk Rules

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Jimmy, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy SEOTalk Guru Webmaster

    Community Message Board Rules:

    1. You may not advertise yours or anybody else's website or forum url anywhere outside of the showcasing forum which is located Here.
    2. You may post your link in cases where you would like help on issues, in an appropriate thread such as a "show us your forum" thread or when asking for advice.
    3. Advertising in the status updates is strictly prohibited, as is posting advertisements in the blogs or anywhere apart from the appropriate forums mentioned above.
    4. We do not allow sexually explicit, gambling, warez and any other adult oriented websites to be advertised. We do allow websites for particular age groups to be advertised as long as they do not contain publicly viewable adult material.
    5. Any websites of an illegal nature are prohibited, by law and by our forum rules. Offenders will be reported, this includes nulled forum software and piracy.
    6. You must not have images in your signature, if you do, they will be removed and if it happens again, your signature privilleges will be revoked.
    7. You may not use the pm system to advertise your site, you can show your friends a link to your forum or website but pm'ing people at random is not permitted. Offenders will be banned for a set amount of time with no chance of appeal.
    8. Mass abuse of the tagging feature is not permitted, you can tag a person up to 3 times in a post.
    9. Media such as youtube videos is not permitted in your signature.
    10. You must have a total of 20 posts around the forums before being able to showcase your website in the Website Showcase forum. Please be aware that posts in the games section will not increase your postcount.
    11. Hatred threads are NOT allowed on STF, you may freely discuss your opinion on other forums and members but posts containing offensive and degrading material are not allowed and WILL be removed or edited.
    12. Multiple accounts are not permitted, you may have one account only. Breaking this rule will lead to you getting banned in most cases.
    13. You may not just post the word "Bump" to knock your topic to the top, please add a meaningful reply to the topic or don't post at all.
    14. You agree that if a post/topic is deemed unsuitable for our community that we have the right to remove them without any notice or prior warning.
    Although these rules may not cover everything, you are reminded to act in a civil way towards other members and staff. We all know what is acceptable behaviour and people acting in a disruptive manner will be warned and face other punishment decided by our staff. Please note these rules are subject to change.
  2. Nerdie

    Nerdie New Member Webmaster

    I have updated the rules a bit! :)

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